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domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Magisterial Dis-orientations

The instrumentum terroris of the Synod on the Family

by Father Terzio

Taken from:  of  Thursday, June 26, 2014

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

Every time some minutia on the coming Synod on the Family is made known, apprehensions among conscientious Catholics increase, alerted (alarmed!) by the pre-synodal deed of Kasper and his lobby. Presentation of the synodal instrumentum laboris confirms our nefarious predictions, anticipating that all which may come from the first Francis synod has already been cast in concrete, all set simply for its presentation, discussion formality, approval and publication.
Although it is said that Kasper insists in denying what he has postulated, which is pictured to us in rainbow colors (so that each of us may choose the color of the crystal through which he wants to look at it), what Kasper has postulated has already been granted. It will be disguised under canonicist-pastoralist technicisms, but it will be granted, and a permissive (lenient?) sacramental praxis will be articulated for those who have incurred in post-divorce marriage disorders.
The synods (the Synod of Bishops) were conceived, in a certain sense, as a continuation of the Council, an exercise in collegiality and a revised renewal of Vatican II's.directions. The conciliar-synodal concordance is so great that even definitions are repeated identically. Concerning the instrumentum laboris (and of the expected synodal document, of course) it is said that “it has the nature of a pastoral document, not a doctrinal one, the ideas are not altered, only the manner in which delicate situations are dealt with is modified”. That equivocating ambiguity which was denounced by Romano Amerio is maintained. For example, on the very grave topic of homosexuality the following is said (and then recanted):
... There is no foundation at all to assimilate or establish analogies, not even remote, between homosexual unions and God's design over marriage and family, Nevertheless, men and women with homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect, compassion, tenderness. Regarding them, all unjust discriminatory gesture should be avoided.
The tactical scheme is the arch-hackneyed statement which condemns in the first part but approves/grants in the second part, an exercise of exquisite rhetorical perfidy which was consecrated, passim, in quasi all conciliar documents.
Note, on the other hand, that the quotation of the instrumentum laboris follows the line which was established in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. On the topics regarding the sins against sextum, the homosexual praxis is not listed in the enumeration of sins catalogued under the caption of offenses against chastity (lust, masturbation, fornication, pornography, prostitution and rape), but under a different epigraph titled “Chastity and homosexuality”, another example of the textual equivocality to which I alluded above. A first paragraph picks up the condemna­tion, proven with quotations from Sacred Scripture, calling them sins contra-natura, but is followed immediately by:
A considerable number of men and women exhibit deeply rooted homosexual tendencies. This leaning, objectively disordered, constitutes for the majority of them an authentic trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion and tenderness. With respect to them all signs of unjust discrimination should be avoided. These persons are called to do God's will in their life and, if they are Christian, to unite the Lord's sacrifice on the Cross to the difficulties which they might encounter on account of their condition. cfr. C.C.C. nn. 2351-2356 y 2357-2359
The instrumentum laboris of the Synod expresses itself with the same words as the Catechism: “... men and women with homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect, compassion and tenderness. With respect to them all signs of unjust discrimination should be avoided.”
The deed (the sensitive opening-up to those affected) took place already in Saint Wojtyla's time. Now, Pope Franciscus' men just advance one more step, make a new pull. What may follow is as dantesque as one may dare imagine.
I cannot understand, however, how, having all opinion favoring them, all submissive and enthusiastic, the entire world cheering and applauding, how they do not dare simply and plainly sanction the expiration of Humanae Vitae, of Familaris Consortio, of the morality of the Patriarchs, the Prophets and the Apostles, including proclaiming "out" the Sacred Family of Nazareth, such awful, politically incorrect example of family non-model.
It would be shorter and everyone would understand better (and cheer still more)
Although we already know it is part of the game that they do not become aware and go on applauding, fascinated, while ruin advances at an accelerated pace.

Tu autem, Domine, miserere.

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