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Historical notes on Protestantism

by Horacio Bonfiglioli

Taken from:
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

The events that began towards the end of the Fifteenth Century are quite transcendental, as in just a few decades the World was entirely unsettled, with the Catholic City gradually disintegrating, giving birth to the Contemporary Age, or however it may be called, the age of utopic and unreal fantasies, the age of usury, of age of the contract overruling the word of honor, the age of Judeo- Calvinist predominance which is culminating in the modernist heresy and in the ever clearer theological confrontation between Christianity and Judaism.

The Catholic Kings, eminent characters of that time, instituted the Holy Inquisition and expelled the recalcitrant Jews from the Iberian Peninsula, to preserve the integrity of their kingdom and of other European cities; the Marranos ending up in the Netherlands; then the Kings reconquered Spain, ending the predominance of the moors, and thanks to its discovery, they evangelized and civilized America.

In 1499 ends the marvelous mystical art of Brugge and begins the one of Antwerp, imitating the Italian Rennaissance, losing its spirituality (José Pijoan, “Summa Artis” t. XV), to finally, inspiring itself in the Judeo-Calvinist spirit, degrading itself in Amsterdam portraying rabbis and prosperous burghers, paradigms of the new anti-Catholic ideas. In those Amsterdam pictures “there is no act in the life of that country which is not explained. Everything is there except what, in the end, matters to man, that is: God; the battle for knowledge,  the passion, and death”. (Basin, quoted by Pijoan); this was what art was reduced to, and consequently religion, in Holland: the search for gold against the Christian values. The degradation of art under the mundane inspiration of the new artists, witnesses, as it runs in parallel with it, the economic, political and religious degradation of Judeo-Calvinism.

At the end of the second decade of the Sixteenth Century, Luther's arrogance breaks out, and a few years later, the lust of  Henry VIII. In 1531 our Mother of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego, rescuing America from the clutches of the devil. In 1534 Calvin abjurates and apostatizes. In 1540, Paul III confirms the Society of Jesus, admirable missionaries in America. One year later, Calvin instituted in Geneva the most savage totalitarian theocracy one can imagine, for it to become rooted in the United Sates years later.

Masonic Origins of the Reformation

E. Comin Colomer in “Lo que España debe a la Masonería” (Editora Nacional) [What Spain owes to Freemasonry”] wrote that Freemasonry such as how we suffer it now, was founded in 1717 by two Protestant pastors and some other characters, had its roots in several secret, mystical, philosophical sects of previous centuries, such as the “Bohemian Brethren”, etc. Because, just as Protestantism, Freemasonry picked up the doctrines and the principles of numerous sects ― from the Ebionites, the Esenians and the Pythagoreans, to the most modern ones ― without prejudice of the contributions of 'Rosicrucianism' and other esoteric factions”. The existence of masonic lodges prior to 1717 is irrefutable. By the end of the Sixteenth Century, the Great Lodge of York had already been established. The Society of the Enlightened or the Illuminated already existed in France, which would later have an extraordinary influence in the Lodges of the Great Orient of France.

And Comin Colomer goes on: “Those who are curious about the historical origins of Masonry will be astonished at Luther's relation with the 'mystics' of his time, and particularly at the fact that, as his main collaborator, he had Melanchthon, who was a member of the masonic fraternity of Salzburg”...Some time later, in 1662, now in Protestant England, the Royal Society is born, from which the principal characters, founders of Freemasonry, would come later. Thomas Walsh, in 'Phillip II' (an indispensable book of extraordinary importance) uncovers the Lutheran relationships with secret sects and lodges. “Was it not the Lutheran theory of salvation by grace alone ― he says ― a re-apparition, with some different emphasis, of the ancient, desperate dogma of the Illuminated, the Manichaeans, the Gnostics and the Buddhists?”

Already in the reign of Elizabeth Tudor, manifestations of masonic activities with a strong political influence can be discovered. Walsh wrote, from which I extracted these facts: “From Queen Elizabeth's court exhales something similar to the odor of Freemasonry... Queen Elizabeth herself was a bit masonic...”; affiliated with the secret society of the Mercers, she would draw masonic symbols on her letters, such as the star of David surrounded by serpents crossed by a diagonal line... Even her court dress was decorated, from top to bottom with sequins bearing drawings of the vigilant eye, a masonic symbol which currently appears in the Yankee dollar: she would sport her very luxurious attire showing stamped masonic eyes and ears; even serpents and sea monsters, which repeat themselves in her portraits, demonstrating her masonic affiliation.

Walsh also makes note of the Lutheran relationships with the secret sects “Was it not the Lutheran theory of salvation by grace alone ― he says ― a re-apparition, with some different emphasis, of the ancient, desperate dogma of the Illuminated, the Manichaeans, the Gnostics and the Buddhists?” [...] the problem that would have to be resolved now is whether those symbols were then already, as they are today, the signs of an international, secret anti-Catholic society, pretending to retain certain Christian characteristics, but with a political activity the end of which is to destroy Christianity”. In his 'Letters on Tolerance', the Protestant mason, Locke, advises tolerating all but the Catholic religion because, he affirmed, it is subjected to a foreign power 'tyrannical and enemy of the peace” ('Historia de la Filosofía',G.Fraile, O.P. T III),origin of the famous demo-liberal masonic principle: We tolerate all, except for those who do not think as we do!

Hugonote Coligny, William Cecil (an uncle of mason Francis Bacon), and most of the Protestant characters were Freemasons, even the British kings, all of them were masons and Protestant. Luther himself, upon abandoning his monk's cell opted for the seal of the Rose and the Cross. But the masonic intentions of getting rid of the king of Spain and of the Church, in colluding with Protestants and Jews, were driven by “a violent hatred of Rome” (357) making Queen Elizabeth the likely head of a universal Protestant state”. No questions remain about the fact that all of the English imperialist policy has been inspired ever since by Protestants, Freemasons, and Jews.

“Freemasonry could have existed, and probably did exist in one or another form, since the Reformation. It could have been the secret political instrument through which the Reformation became established, if not its cause itself, or it could have grown simultaneously with the Reformation, to sever itself later as a distinct form of heresy, or finally it could have developed as a consequence of the intrigues taken place during the Reformation period” (Walsh, 349)

Additionally, “The doubtless affinity between freemasonry and the Jewish Talmud has been commented many times. It is not up for discussion as, even if the false Jewish chiefs did not create the secret societies to disguise their own anti-Christian activities, and to better influence the credulous members of the Christian communities, they did involve themselves much in those masonic activities. The masonic degrees and rites are full of Jewish symbolism...The lodges of the Grand Orient and of the Scottish Rite, originators of so many modern revolutions, are more militant, of quicker action and seemingly more violent than the rest; their activity tends to bring little by little into existence a One World Organization. The highest degrees of certain Continental lodges express plainly the ancient hatred of Christ, the hatred manifested by those who cried for His crucifixion, those who, as time went by, would murder His priests and profane the blessed Host” (Walsh, 342)

The Dutch Jerusalem

The itinerary of the Jews, after emigrating from Spain towards the North, is easy to tell, as the places where they arrived, with their bags crammed with gold and political ambition, grew economically and financially. Simultaneously, the local authorities would yield to the Reformation, seeing in it the possibility of sating their avarice, and behind them, the peoples, aroused by the Talmudists, would apostatize from the Church.

In the middle of the Sixteenth Century, Antwerp was still loyal to Catholicism, but the settling of Marranos began at the beginning of that same century (Roth 163). As a consequence, an anti-Catholic agitation began, except among the Jews and Marranos, but the town later transformed itself into a center of all the intrigues against the faith, where an international conspiration was planned with the support of Cecil..., and of William of Orange. Marcus Pérez, a Spanish Jew, was the Calvinist minister and chief, and a great agitator in Antwerp” (T.Walsh, Phillip II”, 377/381).

But “the most important member of the colony of new Christians was Diego Mendes, who headed the Antwerp branch of the great banking firm founded by his family in Lisbon, and which now enjoyed the coveted monopoly of pepper. In 1532, severe measures were adopted against the group. Mendes and twelve other were arrested and processed for Judaizing; finally, the cause was superseded by virtue of the payment of onerous fines, partly thanks to the intercession of England's Henry VIII, who used the Mendes bank as a financial agent...In 1537, emperor Charles V formally allowed them to establish themselves in Antwerp, keeping all of their rights.” (Cecil Roth, a Jew, former Oxford professor, in “The secret Jews: History of the Marranos” Spanish edition by Altalena, pg 164. This is a very interesting book, save for the enormous exaggerations regarding the importance of the Jews in the history of those centuries.)

As the Jews arrived in Antwerp, which was a major post in Europe, they began transforming it into an “international market, where the typical figure was the payor of princes, the international financier” (L. Dujovne, “Spinoza”.)

And C. Roth further on wrote (pg 165): “The Jews in Holland, towards the middle of the Sixteenth Century, were already less attached to the Talmud, for which reason “many of them, raised in the ignorance of Judaism, leaned apparently towards the reformed church, which was gaining ground fast. The change was not abrupt, as we know the high degree of Hebraism professed by Calvinists. Thus, for instance, a certain Marco Peres (a Jew) was at the head of the Calvinist consistory in Antwerp. It was even commented that the Marranos of Flanders were deliberately introducing Lutheran literature in Spain.

The brief prosperity of Antwerp as a business center and as the center of the world financial transactions began with the arrival of the Marranos and ended with their departure” (W. Sombard, “The Jews and the Economic Life”, pg. 37)... “If Antwerp was the lens of the microcosm which reflected the soul of the commercial Europe, the heart of Antwerp was the Exchange” (Tawney,”Religion in the origin of capitalism” pg 80)

Continuing reading Roth, once Amsterdam, which would become the New Jerusalem of the Jews, began gaining supremacy over Antwerp, at the beginning of the Seventeenth Century, the Marranos began moving to that city, (since they let themselves be seduced by the glitter of gold). In 1615, jurist H. Grotius, by mandate of the civil power, authorized the settlement of Jews in Holland, without any significant restrictions. In a short time, Amsterdam reached the pinnacle of its fame, upon formalization of the alliance between Jews and Protestants, which still subsists in our times.

“Amsterdam was then the most important trade center in the World. The ships coming from India, loaded with silks and spices would transship their goods at the port to other ships coming from France or England. The Dutch would get rich with that profitable and safe trade more than the Spaniards with their galleons who managed to escape the British piracy, always stalking in the Atlantic, and they celebrated their prosperity” (José Pijoan. “Summa Artis”, t XV 434)

The Jews raised Holland to the pinnacle of commerce and finance, Puritan executives “were also those who lead the commercial and industrial enterprises, intensely accepting the laws and morals of the Old Testament” (R.H. Tawney, 2015). In those times, “in no part was Jewish prosperity as great as in Holland and England” (B. Lazare, “Antisemitism” 126)

This picturesque town (Amsterdam) reached then the height of its fame... They controlled a great part of the maritime trade between the city and the Peninsula, the East and West Indies. They established important industries... introduced vast capitals with them ... the wealth of some of them was legendary...” (C.Roth, “The Secret Jews” 167)

“The ports of the Netherlands did not reach any great splendor until the arrival of large groups of Marranos, fleeing from Portugal and Spain during all of the Sixteenth Century... where those that still appeared as Catholics, Judaized freely. The Jews favored Dutch trade and smuggling and piracy against the Spanish and the Portuguese colonies... The Dutch used Jewish intermediaries to obtain information about the Spanish naval activities. With this, Amsterdam Jews not only got rich in greater measure but also acquired enormous political importance... The importance of the Synagogue of
Amsterdam was, thus, enormous” (“Historia de los Judíos” Vicente Risco)

Years later, they abandoned Amsterdam, leaving the city for England, with Cromwell, and by the decisive influence of Menasseh Ben Israel (alias Manoel Dias Soeiro) began the massive invasion of England; until lastly, and up until our own times, they established themselves in New York, the Jewish capital of the World. Will they stay there or will they move with their bags, taking their business, financial and political center to some other part of the World?

The English Jerusalem (the Judeo-Protestant Alliance consolidates itself)

There were always Jews in England, even after their expulsion, remnants were left there. But “at the middle of the Sixteenth Century”, writes Roth (“The Secret Jews” p 175) “in the notable period of the expansion to England, which coincided with the reign of Elizabeth, the [Jewish] foreign colony grew naturally.”

Towards the end of the Middle Ages all of the sects persecuted by the Church because they fostered social anarchy took refuge in Flanders and Holland (Pijoan, t VII); beginning fierce fights between the various sects: Socinians, Arminians, Calvinists, etc. in the midst of which the Jews profited, and so did all together against Rome. The common enemy grouped them together, but only to attack Rome, as the peaceful coexistence among the sects is another falsity, since not even they respect the “free examination” of each other.

All of them are similar in spirit and in purpose; all of them disguise, with almost Christian allegories, an inevitable hatred towards the Church of Christ; all of them are linked in their tactics – be it in the causes, be it in the results, be it in both – to the heretical activities... The principle which united that body with the head of the Hydra, was an ancient and implacable hatred, hatred of something they continuously proclaimed as dead, but which they feared as terribly vital things are hated. It was the odium Christi directed against the Church” (Walsh Phillip II, page 355)

C. Roth wrote in “The European Age” (t. V. Paidos), even though in his judgment the Jewish support and stimulus favoring the Protestant sects cannot be documented “something had to do with those movements, as it can be evidently deduced from the fact that, in many cases, the reformists would go to the Jewish ghettos to study Hebrew and learn the Jewish interpretation of one or another point of controversy in the Scripture” (in other words, they would interpret the Old Testament with a Farisaical spirit). And Belloc, on the same topic, says “in the eve of the Reformation the Hebrew books, not only the Old Testament, but also the Talmud, were familiar to many, as were the Jewish arguments against the faith” (“How the Reformation Happened”, p 43)

The Jewish preponderance grew in such a degree in those times, that Alexander VI, Borgia, declared himself a  protector of the Jews, to such an extreme that His Holiness Jules II called him a marrano and a circumcised (“Historia de la Iglesia”, BAC, p. 54). He protected them, but did not make them his relatives by calling them his “elder brothers”, ¡what would the integrity of Jules II not say of the Vatican II Popes!

“All of the Protestant traditions of the North, for more than three hundred years” wrote Belloc in 'The Jews', (ed. La Espiga de Oro pp 273 and subs.) “leaned in favor of the Jews, in part certainly because of the faith they would place on Jewish scripture, of their fascination with the inspired Jewish folklore, but in a greater measure because their alliance with the Jews was an alliance against the Catholic Church”, a sentiment still subsisting in “rustic England”. It was, additionally, a business and financial alliance, of such importance –considering that, for both of them, money is a sinonym of 'holiness!' – that the interests of Israel and England got to identify themselves to a point that “in proportion to their number, they retained a degree of power in this country as had never been seen in any other country in the entire world.”

Another interesting aspect analyzed by Belloc relates to the sentimental and political affinity between Israel and England, assumed in novels and journalism, “considering the Jew impeccable, favoring the Jewish type in a form previously unseen... And when the struggle came to be between Jews and non-Jews in other countries, the historian exceeded every limit: the European who was hostile to the Jew was a monster, but the Jew who was hostile to the European was a victim. ¡Woe to he who dared denounce such maneuver!

Belloc continues in the same book, asserting that 'they enjoyed a privileged position in England as in no other part of the world, opening to them the doors of all of the public institutions, including the British Executive (Disraeli was First Minister in the Victorian era). After two generations, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the great landowning families that were free of Jewish blood were an exception. In almost all of them, the Jewish traits were noticeable to a greater or lesser extent, and in some of them they were so strong that the physical appearance and the character had become entirely Jewish, even though the name continued to be English, and the traditions were of a purely English lineage, and their members passed for Jews whenever they traveled through countries that had not yet suffered or enjoyed such mixture. (To what extent certain Jewish mores are being acquired in Argentina, under the auspices of the Catholic hierarchy?)

And in page 286, Belloc writes ”The Jewish institutions, especially those like Freemasonry (which the Jews had inaugurated in the Seventeenth Century as a sort of bridge between them and their hosts) were particularly strong in Great Britain, and in such way, an active political tradition of great importance was developed, the great importance of which was finally demonstrated, by means of which the English State was recognized by foreign governments as the official protector of the Jews in the rest of the countries. Each time a persecution arose against the Jews in the Eastern zone of Christendom, the eyes turned towards England, expecting her to intervene, to the extent of her possibilities, to undergird the Jewish financial energies around the world, and, in payment, receive the benefits of such connection” (developing this topic of the English support of Judaism you may wish to read Salvador Borrego's “Derrota Mundial”. As “the same as it happened in 1940, the British and the French fought the battles of the Jews”.Arnold Leese in “The Rothschilds”,ed Nuevo Orden pp 130,80)

The French revolution opened the doors of finance and politics to the Jews. Arnold Leese says that Anthony Rothschild was, in 1836, the first Jew having received a nobility title in Great Britain; from then on, there would be many, using their money to acquire titles and political preponderance, to the point that the Rothschilds converted London into the center of international finance,

Father Julio Meinvielle, in his eminent book “El Judío” (Cruz y Fierro, editores, pg.63) wrote: “On the other hand, Werner Sombart, the qualified historian of Capitalism. Who is neither a Catholic nor an anti-semite, in his well documented book “The Jews in Economic Life”, demonstrates how some Protestant sects, and especially Puritanism, are Judaic... On the other hand, the intimate relationships which had been established between Judaism and certain Christian sects during the Protestant Reformation, as well as the enthusiasm then declared for the Hebrew language and Hebraic studies, are well known; it is also known that in the England of the Seventeenth Century, the Puritans demonstrated an almost fanatical cult for the Jews, and that the 'Levellers', who would call themselves Jews, had demanded the promulgation of a law to have the Jewish Torah become the English code; additionally, it is a well known fact, that officers of Cromwell proposed to form a State Council made up of 70 members, following the example of the Jewish Sanhedrin, and that in year 1629, it was proposed to Parliament to replace the Sunday holiday with one on Saturday. In other words, to rule the English nation in accordance with the Old Testament, intepreted farisaically, predestining themselves to dominate the world.

In “The Decadence of the West” (Espasa t II, pg. 355), O. Spengler stated “The grandiose flight that the Old Testament acquired in Parliaments and in camps of the independents, has left in many English families, still in the Nineteenth Century, the belief that the English are the successors of the ten tribes of Israel, nation of saints, to whom the ruling of the world has been conferred. That same sentiment dominated the emigrations to America which began with the Pilgrims in 1620. That same sentiment has created what could be called today the American Religion, and has nurtured the evidence with which the English practices politics, evidence founded in the certitude of their predestination.

In his book “Sionism”, (Ed.Federación Sionista Argentina, 1937) Max Nordau, modern Sionist prophet of Israel, who ripened his anti-Christian venom in ancestral Talmudic conventicles, says that, in a speech he delivered at the First Sionist Congress in Basel, in 1897, when England, the prostituted queen of the world, urgently needed to count with the Jews as trustworthy allies in the Mediterranean to protect the route to India through the Suez Canal, he expressed that ”Sionists were interested in Great Britain acquiring control over the Canal because the greater the power Great Britain would have, the greater the strength the Jews who dominated it would also have”.  Also, Arnold Leese wrote: “It was an object of interest to the Jews to make Great Britain stronger and keep it in a powerful condition to work for them” (pg 40). As Sionists also needed English support to invade Palestine displacing the arabs. Then Nordau adulated that emulous of Chamberlain´s, Rudyard Kipling's imperialist work sealing the alliance of indissoluble love between the Jews and the English Protestants, saying “Jewish emancipation in England has a stamp of sincerity, it is not only a written matter, but has penetrated life. She matured and existed in the hearts before it was confirmed by the legislator.

As a corollary to this enormous Jewish influence in Protestant England, where little remained of authentic Christianity in her. I transcribe these words of Mr. Luis Bertrán (publisbed in the journal “Estudios” before Vatican II.) “Everything in that country has been controlled by the savage selfishness of the race. Because the Englishman has lived for centuries oppressed by the ferocious individualism of Anglicanism, he has been transformed into a true beast of prey... But, as it seems, the days of Anglicanism as a dominant force are counted. Many wish to unite themselves in some way to Catholicism... Catholicism cannot be united – per what has been declared by Rome – with other but its own of all times. The rest cannot be united. They have to abandon all their errors and enter the House of God cleansed of all guilt, and for these, the doors of the temple will always be wide open.”

This blogger's note: My translation from the Spanish of texts which had originated in English but are quoted in Spanish in the source from which I took them may differ in style and accuracy from the Engish originals, for which I sincerely apologize. Additionally, the page number references are to those of the Spanish editions cited.

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Viendo a Brexit en Perspectiva

por Atila Sinke Guimarães

Tomado de:
Traducido del inglés por Roberto Hope

Yo creo que la salida de Inglaterra de la Unión Europea puede llevarnos a una Tercera Guerra Mundial. Déjenme explicarme:

Quienquiera que siga lo que pasa en la política internacional sabe que Las Fuerzas Secretas quieren establecer un Nuevo Orden Mundial: una República Universal. La agenda de las Naciones Unidas es el prototipo de este ideal: un gobierno socialista que domine a todos los pueblos de la tierra, que habrán de transformarse en un solo tipo de hombre moreno, resultante de la mezcla de todas las razas.

Las Fuerzas Secretas

¿Qué quiero decir por las Fuerzas Secretas? Son el grupo formado por personas iniciadas que actúan de manera decisiva bajo la siguiente jerarquía:

El Poder Masónico:

  • Un comercio controlado por la industria
  • Una industria controlada por los bancos,
  • Una clase política controlada por las tres: comercio,industria y los bancos, dependiendo de cada caso,
  • Bancos estatales controlados por gente que actúa tras los bastidores, que no suelen aparecer en los encabezados de los medios de comunicación; de hecho, mientras mas decisivamente actúan, menos aparecen.
  • Bancos privados controlados por lo que de manera genérica se le conoce como las Finanzas Internacionales – el Fondo Monetario Internacional, el Banco Mundial, etc. – los cuales también controlan/influencian a los bancos estatales.
  • Las Finanzas Internacionales controladas por los judíos
  • Los judíos divididos en facciones liberales y “ortodoxas”, pero en este antagonismo aparente, la última palabra casi siempre pertenece a los “ortodoxos”.

Jerarquías semejantes operan dentro de las universidades, las profesiones libres – médicos, ingenieros, abogados, etc. – así como en el ejército, la marina, la fuerza aérea y la policía.

Hay diferentes tipos de masonería – el Club Rotario, el Club de Leones, los Rosacruces, el Skull & Bones, el Bohemian Grove, los Iluminati, el Rito de York, el Rito Escocés, el Bursenschaft, el Centro Pitágoras, la Observancia Asiria, los Caballeros de Pythias, etc. – todos ellos son caballos montados por el judaísmo. Estos tipos de sociedades secretas actúan en los distintos niveles de la jerarquía para comunicar y hacer cumplir la agenda de la Revolución.

Quienes han sido iniciados no comunican al público, a sus amigos o a sus familias, la orientación que han recibido. Eso es secreto.

Es esta red lo que yo llamo Las Fuerzas Secretas.

Las Fuerzas Secretas y la inmigración.

Todos sabemos que la actual invasión de Europa – que en una menor escala está ocurriendo también en los EUA – no está sucediendo por pura coincidencia. Las Masonerías Unidas de Europa anunciaron patentemente, en un manifiesto público, que quieren que sus miembros apoyen la inmigración musulmana. El documento está claro en lo referente a sus fines, pero hay mucha palabrería en lo referente a las razones.

La verdadera razón, creo yo, es destruir completamente a la Europa como había sido moldeada por la Iglesia Católica. El odio de la Revolución hacia esta Cristiandad es tan intenso, que quiere destruir los tipos raciales europeos que se desarrollaron en una sociedad formada tan orgánicamente por la Iglesia.

Sus agentes en Europa están predicando explícitamente el 'reemplazo' de las razas. Según esta agenda, los diversos tipos raciales europeos deberían casarse con musulmanes – sean árabes o negros. Profesores, políticos, empresarios y predicadores instruyen a la gente de manera insistente a que acoja a los inmigrantes y, de ser posible, se mezcle con ellos. Esa política ha sido promovida durante décadas por las Fuerzas Secretas, pero ahora está alcanzando un ápice impensable – con la complaciente bendición del Papa Francisco, no lo olvidemos. Durante algún lapso de tiempo, la opinión pública se estuvo mostrando desconfiada, pero calladamente lo había ido aceptando.

La tendencia cambió cuando, en el Año Nuevo de 2016. Alemania fue testigo de una ola de cientos de violaciones de mujeres jóvenes y de niñas por más de 1000 inmigrantes. Las mordazas cayeron de su boca y la gente comenzó a manifestarse.

Amanecimos con el dato de que el 30% de la población de Marsella, Francia, es musulmana, lo que significa que más de 260,000 personas habían invadido la ciudad y estaban causando toda clase de desasosiego. El pueblo francés de Calais tiene 18,000 musulmanes en su ciudad, gozando de todos los privilegios que provee el gobierno. Ellos agradecen esto fastidiando a voluntad, violentamente, a la población.

De repente nos percatamos de que Alemania tiene 3.7 millones de ciudadanos de origen turco, más 1.5 millones de turcos residiendo ahí, sin contar a los 1.1 millones de “inmigrantes sirios” a quienes Angela Merkel autorizó que entraran a Alemania entre el 2015 y el 2016.

Europa está harta de inmigración

La opinión pública ha cambiado. La retórica de acoger a los inmigrantes, promovida puntualmente por los gobiernos locales, ya no convence a la gente. El primer ministro húngaro puso un buen ejemplo protestando públicamente y sacudiéndose la política anti-europea impuesta por los Estados Unidos.

En Austria, la venta de armas se salió de las gráficas; ya no quedan armas en los anaqueles. Más y más mujeres austriacas están comprando armas para defenderse de posibles violaciones por inmigrantes. En las últimas elecciones, de mayo de 2016, los partidos políticos habituales austriacos socialistas y conservadores, viendo que no podían ganar, canalizaron sus votos hacia el representante de los Verdes, quien apenas logró ganarle al candidato anti-Unión Europea y anti-inmigración – ganando por sólo un microscópico porcentaje.

En Diciembre de 2015, se adoptó en Francia la misma política de canalizar votos para evitar que el partido neo-nazi de Marine Le Pen se llevara las elecciones legislativas. Aun cuando el partido de ella no se llevó ninguna región, emergió como el segundo partido en número de votos. La virtual dictadura de Francois Hollande quien desde noviembre del 2015 ha estado gobernando al país bajo ley marcial con el pretexto de combatir al terrorismo, está paradójicamente protegiendo a los musulmanes, prohibiendo a la policía del Estado que haga cumplir la ley en sus distritos.

Creciente caos político en Europa.

Francia está también en un caos político, ya que Hollande está sacando ventaja de su dictadura “provisoria” para imponer reformas socialistas sobre el pueblo, que diariamente toma las calles para protestar y hacer demostraciones. El índice de popularidad de Hollande ha caído a un mínimo de 19%. Francia luce más y más como una nueva Venezuela.

España también ha estado en caos político por más de seis meses. Desde el pasado diciembre, los representantes electos al Congreso han sido incapaces de acordar una plataforma para primer ministro. Las elecciones del 26 de junio no cambiaron el cuadro, pues ninguno de los partidos obtuvo mayoría en el Congreso. Irlanda está en una situación similar. Italia apenas puede caminar con las dos piernas. Desde la caída del gobierno en noviembre del 2015, Portugal está también en agitación política. Grecia no ha podido salir de su abismo político-económico.

Brexit, un respiro de aire fresco.

Fue en esta turbulenta atmósfera de invasión musulmana y caos político que el 23 de junio Inglaterra votó por salirse de la Unión Europea. Es la mejor noticia que yo recuerdo haber recibido desde que comenzó este corrupto siglo XXI. ¡Felicidades, Inglaterra! Yo tenía la sospecha de que las Fuerzas Secretas harían trampa en las casillas de votación – el referendo de Escocia se mantiene en mi mente – para asegurarse de que Inglaterra no se separara. Pero esto no sucedió o aun cuando hubieran hecho trampa no fue lo suficiente como para cambiar el resultado final.

¿Cómo harán las Fuerzas Secretas para evitar que otros pueblos de Europa, que están teniendo análogas cuestiones  migratorio/político/económicas, se rasquen la cabeza y piensen “Por qué no hacemos nosotros lo mismo”?

Así es, pues, como nos encontramos ahora. Si Inglaterra se separa sin que otros la sigan, la UE puede reducir su paso pero tratando de seguir el mismo camino. Sin embargo, si dos o tres otros países se retiran, bien puede producirse una reacción en cadena y reducir la Unión Europea a lo que es la locomotora que la arrastra, o sea Alemania. En otras palabras, la aventura de la UE efectivamente terminaría.

En este último caso, las Fuerzas Secretas tendrían que medir cuidadosamente lo que sería su siguiente paso.

¿Pateando el tablero de ajedrez?

En este crepúsculo de la democracia veo tres posibilidades:

Primero: reinstalar dictadores – Hollande pudiera ser sólo un caso de prueba – a fín de imponer mediante fuerza política las medidas que la presión económica de la UE no pudo lograr. Entonces tendríamos un grupo de dictadores que impondrían el socialismo y unificarían Europa por la fuerza.

Segundo: provocar a una insurrección general de los musulmanes que ya están en Europa, que se alce contra todo lo que no se adapte a su propia visión del mundo. Europa sería transformada así en un enorme cuerpo herido de guerra urbana de guerrillas.

Tercero: si las Fuerzas Secretas dejan de poder controlar la reacción anti-inmigrantes y un separatismo orgánico, podrían generar una controlada Tercera Guerra Mundial. Adoptando esta estratagema, tendrían que destruir, mediante fuerzas militares en conflicto lo que antes no pudieron desmantelar. Recordemos que la Primera Guerra Mundial se hizo para acabar con los imperios y matar a la juventud ultramontana de Europa.

Estas tres hipótesis no excluyen la una de la otra.

En las dos guerras mundiales anteriores, las fuerzas secretas hicieron algo semejante cuando se vieron en análogas encrucijadas. Patearon el tablero  de ajedrez para comenzar de nuevo el juego, de manera que pudiera ser jugado bajo su control desde una nueva perspectiva y en una situación completamente diferente.

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Nuevos caminos para los Estados Unidos

Por Atila Sinke Guimarães

Tomado de:
Traducido del inglés por Roberto Hope

Las elecciones del 8 de noviembre revelaron una nación americana profundamente dividida. Por un lado tenemos a los que apoyan la plataforma Obama-Hillary; por otro lado, los adeptos al movimiento Tea Party, que en Trump encontraron un respiro provisorio de aire fresco para su creciente asfixia.

Luego de ocho años de Obama y su agenda de extrema izquierda, los EUA estaban cerca de convertirse en ESUA ― Estados Soviéticos Unidos de América. Esta realidad se refleja en varios campos.

Primero: el gobierno saliente luchó por evitar que los EUA explotara o produjera ninguna fuente nueva de energía ― petróleo, gas, carbón o metanol ― en su propio territorio. También estaba sofocando otros sectores que extraen recursos naturales.

Segundo: saboteó tanto como pudo el sector industrial y la fuerza de trabajo de la nación, enviando trabajo al extranjero, China, Indonesia e India por citar sólo los países extranjeros más relevantes, con el pretexto de que el trabajo puede hacerse allá más barato que acá.

Tercero: socavó la fuerza de trabajo rural con una política de socialización del sector agrícola, y aumentó la intrusión estatal, limitando y controlando la libre iniciativa.

Cuarto: lo americanos de las clases media y alta, tanto urbana como rural, han estado encarando una persecución virtual en la forma de impuestos concusionarios sobre la propiedad y el ingreso. Los impuestos rurales ya sofocaban a los agricultores.

Un capítulo especial de esta persecución incluye el  demagógico programa Obamacare, el cual es un medio para la absorción socialista de la práctica médica privada por el Estado, Está destruyendo el antiguo y competente sistema, transformándolo en un modelo de ineficiencia,

Quinto: El gobierno de Obama hizo todo lo que pudo por vilipendiar la moral y la autoestima de las tropas americanas mediante la reducción de su número, recorte de sus salarios, e introducción de leyes que les obligan a aceptar mujeres y homosexuales en todas las ramas y en todos los rangos.

Paralelamente, saboteó nuevos armamentos para las fuerzas americanas y recortó el gasto de defensa. Esto ha reducido el antiguo poderío de los EU a una condición de atraso, permitiendo a Rusia y a China en varias áreas igualar o sobrepasar el poder militar de respuesta americano.

En un nivel interno, el ataque constante del gobierno contra los propietarios de armas, tratando de limitar su posesión, uso y tipo a un ridículo mínimo no puede pasarse por alto.

Sexto: atacó violentamente a las familias americanas por medio de una usurpación de la autoridad de los padres, a través de una enorme gama de medidas culturales y legales. Esto incluye la formación de la niñez y la juventud por un cuerpo comunista de profesores en escuelas y universidades, la enseñanza de una moral libertina en estas organizaciones y la imposición de monstruosidades antinaturales tales como la homosexualidad y el llamado transgenerismo, que están siendo presentados como normales en la sociedad.

En el ataque contra las familias, es de notarse que el gobierno no ha escatimado esfuerzos por promover el aborto y  la eutanasia, proporcionando un amplio apoyo económico hacia esos fines

Séptimo: la política inmigratoria de Obama ciertamente confirma la idea de que el gobierno estaba tomando acciones para destruir la identidad americana. Mediante la inmigración musulmana, ya sea abierta o subrepticia, introdujo intranquilidad y aflicción al país por amenazas inminentes de terrorismo.

Octavo: La rama ejecutiva corrompió las decisiones de la suprema corte nombrando jueces que fueran favorables hacia sus agendas pro-homosexuales y pro-aborto.

Estas medidas generales, que fueron meticulosamente ejecutadas durante los ocho años de la presidencia de Obama, no fueron solamente acciones del gobierno, sino que son posturas apoyadas por una porción considerable de los americanos que votaron por Hillary. Este grupo, no lo olvidemos, quiere seguir el mismo rumbo ― y aun a un paso más acelerado ― hacia la destrucción de los EUA y la implantación del socialismo.

Después de la elección, segmentos de este bloque han estado haciendo manifestaciones en contra de Trump. Creo que los hacedores de reyes y los manipuladores de la opinión pública, o lo que es lo mismo, las  Fuerzas Secretas, están probando las aguas de este grupo para determinar si es suficientemente socialista y suficientemente grande para enfrascarse en una guerra civil. En caso de que no lo sea, esos partisanos radicales estarán listos para ser utilizados en nuevas protestas, como las del Occupy Movement o de Black Lives Matter, cuando se presente la oportunidad.

Movimiento Tea Party

Otro bloque de opinión pública está constituido por aquéllos que votaron por Trump. Está compuesto básicamente de aquéllos que están descontentos con el sistema actual. Más que cualquier cosa específica que Trump haya hecho o prometido, la principal causa de su éxito fue haber catalizado un enorme descontento general. Los partidarios del Tea Party que fueron capaces de elegir sólo unos cuantos diputados hace unos años, han podido ahora elegir al presidente de los Estados Unidos ― éste es el dato más expresivo que ha emergido en el panorama político. Revela una corriente creciente de la opinión pública.

El escepticismo de este bloque no gira alrededor de algún punto superficial: está dirigido a la misma esencia del sistema democrático. Déjenme analizarlo.

Primero, es obvio que este grupo está contra Obama y su plataforma político-social explicada arriba. En otras palabras, cree que la rama ejecutiva del sistema democrático se ha vuelto putrefacta moral e institucionalmente.

Segundo, está también contra los políticos, considerándolos hipócritas que son movidos por intereses personales para proponer y aprobar las leyes que ellos escogen. O sea que la rama legislativa está profundamente desacreditada.

Tercero, el voto de esta facción fue indiferente hacia los partidos Republicano y Demócrata. La nominación de Trump fue algo esencial para el Partido Republicano, pero no lo fue necesariamente para Trump, que utilizó al partido como un mero instrumento legal para su candidatura. Sus votantes eran ajenos a la disputa tradicional rojo vs. azul [republicano vs. demócrata N. del Tr.]. Esto se traduce a que los partidos oficiales se están haciendo irrelevantes u obsoletos. En el fondo se trata de una lucha crecientemente ideológica de una sociedad orgánica americana contra el socialismo.

Cuarto, la aprobación del antinatural e injusto “matrimonio” homosexual por la Suprema Corte, que había sido rechazado por el pueblo en plebiscitos ― California, por ejemplo, lo rechazó dos veces ― muestra claramente el carácter artificial y arbitrario de la decisión. Esta medida, añadida a la reciente decisión de favorecer el aborto en Texas, hizo obvio para el electorado de Trump que al más alto tribunal de nuestro régimen democrático le preocupa menos la justicia que el echar a andar una agenda izquierdista pre-establecida.

Quinto, para hacer las cosas todavía peores, el actual  procedimiento de votación ha estado siendo cuestionado cada vez más por fraudulento. Hay serias dudas acerca de la objetividad de los votos depositados y contados por máquinas electrónicas, que descansan en programas diseñados por expertos computacionales que se sospecha que arreglan los resultados de antemano.

Sexto, la mayor parte de los medios de comunicación establecidos ― periódicos, radio y televisión ― se mostraron descaradamente parciales en esta elección. Esta falta de objetividad, así como las incesantes noticias que predecían la victoria de Hillary, confirmaron las sospechas previas acerca de casi todo lo que se reporta en los medios establecidos.

Séptimo, de manera análoga, las encuestas, que se consideran una forma efectiva de medir lo que la gente está pensando, se mostraron estar siendo guiadas por una brújula descompuesta.  Casi todas habían predicho una victoria confortable de Hillary-

Este tentativo bosquejo de los partidarios del Tea Party deja claro que existe un gran escepticismo sobre la democracia hoy en día. Este enorme bloque del público está abierto a salir del régimen presente e intentar algo nuevo.

¿Qué clase de régimen sería éste? No resulta difícil ver las nubes de una dictadura aparecer en el horizonte. Este bloque de americanos insatisfechos está apostándole a un hombre fuerte que se preocupe poco de compromisos políticos, que no tenga mucho que ganar financieramente a nivel personal.

¿Será Trump el salvador de la democracia o el hierofante que habrá de conducir su funeral? ¿Será él verdaderamente independiente de las Fuerzas Secretas y de sus ideales antinaturales, anticatólicos y socialistas? A propósito ¿qué le habrá dicho a Henry Kissinger que dejó a éste con la confianza de que Trump no cumplirá sus promesas de campaña, sino que en cambio se adaptará a la política exterior americana, o sea a la agenda del Nuevo Orden Mundial Único? No lo sé. Tendremos que esperar y ver.

Lo que sí sé es que el Sr.Trump cometería un error fatal si no hace caso a este creciente bloque de opinión pública y le da rienda suelta a su megalomanía, basándose en la noción irrealista de que fue electo por sus méritos y logros personales.

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

Ésta no fue una elección. Fue una revolución.

por Daniel Greenfield

Tomado de
Traducido del inglés por Roberto Hope

Es medianoche en América. El día anterior, cincuenta millones de americanos se levantaron ante la gran rueda de hierro que los había estado triturando y se le opusieron. Se pararon ahí aun cuando los medios de comunicación les decían que era inútil. Tomaron su puesto aun cuando las clases lenguaraces se reían y se mofaban de ellos.

Eran padres que ya no podían alimentar a sus familias. Eran madres que no podían pagar el cuidado de la salud. Eran trabajadores cuyos empleos habían sido vendidos a países extranjeros. Eran hijos que no veían un futuro para ellos. Eran hijas temerosas de ser asesinadas por los 'menores sin acompañante' que inundaban sus comunidades. Respiraron profundamente y se opusieron.

Levantaron sus brazos y la gran rueda de hierro se detuvo.

La Gran Pared Azul se derrumbó. Los estados imposibles cayeron uno tras otro. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa. La clase trabajadora blanca, que había sido desdeñada y pisoteada por tanto tiempo, se puso de pie. Se levantó ante sus opresores, y el resto de la nación se levantó con ellos.

Se rebelaron contra la exportación de sus empleos al extranjero en tanto que sus ciudades se llenaban de inmigrantes que obtenían todo mientras que ellos no obtenían nada. Se rebelaron contra un sistema en el cual podían ser enviados a la cárcel por una minucia mientras que las elites podían violar la ley y aun así lanzarse a una contienda electoral por la presidencia. Se rebelaron contra el que se les amenazara con que tenían que cuidarse de lo que decían. Se rebelaron contra el ser considerados en desacato por querer trabajar para ganarse la vida y sostener a sus familias.

Lucharon y ganaron.

Esto no fue un voto. Fue un levantamiento. Como la gente ordinaria que derribó el Muro de Berlín, derribaron algo contranatural que se había levantado ante ellos. Y conforme lo veían caer, se maravillaron de lo débil y frágil que había sido siempre. Y cuánto más fuertes eran ellos de lo que jamás habían sabido.

¿Quién era esta gente? Eran la escoria y los habitantes del territorio sobre el que los aviones sólo pasan volando. No tenían títulos de bachillerato y jamás habían puesto un pie en un Starbucks. Eran la clase trabajadora blanca. No hablaban con propiedad ni pensaban bien. Tenían las ideas erróneas, vestían la ropa incorrecta, y tenían la ridícula idea de que todavía eran importantes.

Estaban equivocados en todo. ¿Inmigración ilegal? Todos sabían que había llegado para quedarse. ¿Black Lives Matter? [movimiento activista de los negros americanos contra el racismo sistémico] Es el nuevo movimiento de derechos civiles. ¿Manufactura? Tan extinta como el pájaro dodo. ¿Prohibir la entrada a musulmanes? ¿Qué clase de fanático piensa siquiera en eso?  El amor gana, el matrimonio pierde. El futuro pertenece al metro-sexual urbano y a su página de Internet, no al individuo que tenía un puesto bien pagado antes de que éste fuera llevado a China o a México.

No podían cambiar nada. Mil políticos y comentaristas habían hablado de hacerlos que se adaptaran al futuro inevitable. En vez de eso se treparon en sus camionetas pick-up y fueron a votar.

Y lo cambiaron todo.

Barack Hussein Obama se jactaba de que había cambiado a América. Mil millones de reglamentaciones, un millón de inmigrantes, cien mil mentiras y ya dejó de ser la América de Usted. Era la de él.

Fue un John F. Kennedy y un Franklin D. Roosevelt envueltos en una sola persona. Nos dijo que su versión de la historia era la correcta y que era inevitable.

Y votaron y lo rebasaron. Pasaron por delante de él y no lo escucharon. Tuvo que venir a hacer campaña a donde todavía se aferran a sus armas y a sus biblias. Vino a implorar por su legado.

Pero América dijo 'No'

Cincuenta millones de americanos lo repudiaron. Repudiaron a los Obamas y a los Clintons. Desdeñaron a las celebridades. No pusieron atención a los medios de comunicación. Votaron porque creyeron en lo imposible. Y su dedicación hizo que lo imposible sucediera.

Se les había dicho a los americanos que no se podían construir muros y que las fábricas no podían abrirse. Que los tratados no podían 'des-firmarse' y que las guerras no podían ganarse. Era imposible prohibir a terroristas musulmanes que entraran a América, o deportar a los extranjeros ilegales que habían convertido pueblos y ciudades en territorios de bandas criminales.

Todo eso era imposible. Y cincuenta millones de americanos hicieron lo imposible. Pusieron al mundo de cabeza.

Es medianoche en América. CNN está llorando. MSNBC está haciendo rabieta, ABC lo llama un berrinche, NBC lo condena. No se suponía que pasara. La misma maquinaria que aplastó al pueblo americano durante dos términos presidenciales seguidos, la masa de corporaciones gubernamentales y fundaciones que manejaban este país, estaba preparada para ganar.

En vez de eso, la gente se levantó frente a la máquina. La bloquearon con sus cuerpos. Fueron a votar aun cuando las encuestas les decían que era inútil. Enviaron por correo sus votos como ausentes aun mientras Hillary Clinton planeaba sus fuegos artificiales para celebrar su victoria. Vieron las fábricas vacías y las granjas desoladas. Viajaron temprano en el frío. Se formaron en fila. Regresaron a casa a sus hijos para decirles que habían hecho lo mejor para su futuro. Le apostaron a América y ganaron.

Ganaron contra toda probabilidad y ganaron admirablemente.

Estaban cansados de ObamaCare. Estaban cansados del desempleo. Estaban cansados de que se les mintiera. Estaban cansados de ver a sus hijos volver en ataúdes de ir a proteger a algún país musulmán. Estaban cansados de ser llamados racistas y homófobos. Estaban cansados de ver a su América desaparecer.

Y se alzaron y contraatacaron. Ésta era su última esperanza. Su última oportunidad de ser escuchados.

En el Internet pueden verse videos de las diez formas como John Oliver destruyó a Donald Trump. De cómo Samantha Bee quebró el Internet burlándose de los que apoyaban a Donald Trump. Tres minutos de Stephen Colbert hablando de lo estúpido que es Donald Trump, Vean a Madonna maldecir a quienes apoyaban a Trump. Vean a Katy Perry. Vean a Miley Cyrus. Vean a Robert Downey Jr. Vean a Beyoncé hacer campaña con Hillary, Vean. Clic.

Vean a cincuenta millones de americanos recuperar a su país.

Los medios estuvieron todo el tiempo equivocados acerca de la elección. Esto no se trataba de personalidades. Esto era acerca de lo impersonal. Era acerca de unos cincuenta millones de personas contraatacando, cuyos nombres nadie sabrá, excepto algún servidor digital. Era acerca de la mujer sin hogar que cuidaba la estrella de Trump. Era acerca de aquéllos que el Partido Demócrata perdió en Ohio y Pennsylvania, que buscaban a alguien que los representara. Era acerca de los trabajadores sindicalizados que aparentaban asentir cuando sus organizadores les indicaban cómo debían votar, pero que se rehusaron a vender su futuro.

Nadie jamás entrevistará a todos aquellos hombres y mujeres. Jamás les veremos sus caras. Pero ellos son nosotros y nosotros somos ellos. Vinieron en ayuda de una nación en peligro. Hicieron lo que los americanos siempre han hecho. Hicieron lo imposible.

América es una nación de imposibilidades. Existimos porque nuestros antecesores no aceptaban un 'No' por respuesta. No de reyes o tiranos. No de las elites que les decían que era imposible hacerse.

El día en que dejemos de ser capaces de lograr lo imposible es el día en que América dejará de existir.

Hoy no es ese día. Hoy, cincuenta millones de americanos hicieron lo imposible.

Ya pasó la medianoche. Ha llegado un nuevo día. Y todo está por cambiar.

Daniel Greenfield, un Fellow Shillman de Periodismo, miembro del Freedom Center, es un escritor neoyorkino que se enfoca en el Islam radical.

Buenas noches, Sra.Clinton

(Una Campaña de Nacimiento Parcial ha Quedado Enterrada)

Por Michael Matt

Tomado de:
Traducido del inglés por Roberto Hope

Bien, me imagino que la Sra. Clinton ahora ya sabe lo que se siente ser abortada cuando se está a punto de nacer.

Sin embargo, siempre desde que yo era niño me ha parecido que la emoción de la victoria no es, ni por mucho, tan poderosa como la agonía de la derrota. Si la Sra. Clinton hubiera logrado la victoria anoche, hoy sería el día más sombrío de la historia. El futuro habría sido peor que nefasto para un pueblo que intencionalmente habría elevado [a la presidencia] a una radical, inmoral y corrupta mujer que odia las leyes de Dios, defiende el asesinato de bebés y se afana con gran celo por la destrucción de la familia.

De haber sido elegida, ese resultado habría hablado mucho más de nosotros que de ella. Nos habríamos exhibido como un pueblo desalmado y sin corazón, despreciable y más allá de toda esperanza.

Demasiado estaba en juego. Mucha de nuestra labor aquí en The Remnant, por ejemplo, habría sido definida como criminal en los próximos cuatro años. Nuestra preferencia por proveer escolarización a nuestros hijos en nuestra propia casa se habría vuelto ilegal en la aldea que la Sra, Clinton tenía en mente. Hasta nuestra posibilidad de movernos libremente habría sido socavada por la Sra. Clinton, quien había prometido expandir a miembros de 'grupos de odio' la lista de gente a la que no se le permite abordar vuelos comerciales hacia el interior o hacia el exterior de los Estados Unidos. (Como 'líder de un grupo de odio', según nos califica el infame Southern Poverty Law Center, no le es difícil a quien esto escribe imaginarse con cuánto entusiasmo la Presidente Hillary habría aplicado la legislación anti-crímenes de odio contra la América Cristiana)

Por lo tanto, sí, como todo mundo, estamos todavía tratando de procesar la noticia de esta sorpresiva derrota, verdaderamente formidable (si Trump revoca la Enmienda Johnson [que a partir de 1954 prohibe a ciertas organizaciones exentas de impuestos, que apoyen o se opongan a candidatos a cargos políticos ― N. del Tr.] hasta podría la Iglesia Católica en este país volverse nuevamente relevante). Hay mucho que aprender de lo que vimos acontecer anoche, no el menor de lo cual es que la gran prensa, lejos de poseer omni-sapiencia, de hecho son ideólogos que no tienen idea de lo que pasa, y a quienes nunca se les debe volver a tener confianza.

Independientemente de lo que pase con una presidencia de Trump, ya sabemos que un porcentaje sustancial del pueblo americano no está fuera de toda esperanza ― que todavía tiene suficiente sentido Cristiano para reconocer y rechazar lo demoníaco cuando lo ve. Y ¿qué es lo que debemos sacar de todo esto? Que los demonios no son invencibles. De hecho, anoche les salió el tiro por la culata gracias a un 'bufón' de quien se habían burlado inmisericordemente durante 18 meses y quien decidió ser el primer político en décadas en darle una voz nuevamente a los americanos que temen a Dios ― una concesión comparativamente pequeña que, no obstante, redujo a lágrimas amargas y a un silencio estupefacto a la mitad izquierda de este país.

Donald Trump se las ingenió para librar de los grilletes a los Americanos pro-vida, pro-Dios y pro-familia, provocando que los demonios se desbandaran frente a ellos como cucarachas. Y así como muchos de nosotros votamos por Donald Trump para detener a Hillary Clinton, ahora podemos celebrar sin reparos la aplastante derrota que nuestro voto infirió a los todopoderosos: George Soros, el Papa Francisco, Planned Parenthood, la prensa principal, Hollywood, las Naciones Unidas, la Unión Europea y el resto de los fanáticos del Nuevo Orden Mundial.

Abajo, en las cloacas, hasta las ratas están desgarrando sus pequeñas pieles: Miley Cyrus tendrá que dejar el país como prometió hacerlo si Trump ganaba (que te vaya bien Miley, y cuida que, al cerrarse la puerta, no te pegue en el trasero). El Reverendo Al Sharpton también necesita un corredor de bienes raíces del extranjero, lo mismo que Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Ellen y el resto de las 'elites' de colas largas y narices puntiagudas.

Hollywood está derramando lágrimas de ácido esta mañana y de ello debemos felicitar mucho a Donald Trump.

Los malos, los demonios, los pro-aborto, la facción anti-familia ― todos ellos perdieron anoche y perdieron en grande. Y ― ¡horror de los horrores! ― su derrota les fue propiciada por gente que se para frente a las clínicas abortivas recorriendo con los dedos las cuentas de su rosario, rogándole al Cielo que intervenga, pidiéndole a Nuestra Señora que dé a nuestra nación algo más de tiempo para que vuelva a sus cabales. Perdieron, en otras palabras, ante la ”gente menuda” ― gente que viaja en sus mini-mamamóviles llenas de niños, aferrada a sus biblias y a sus armas, que vive allá en esa 'canasta de deplorables' [como calificó Hillary Clinton a los partidarios de Trump] donde Dios y familia todavía son más importantes que las dádivas gubernamentales y que el derecho de asesinar bebés.

Obviamente, todo esto debe tenerse en perspectiva; fue Donald Trump quien fue electo anoche, no Santo Tomás Moro. Va a haber desencantos que provengan de la Casa Blanca de Trump. Se los aseguro. No debemos engañarnos con eso, seamos realistas. América tiene un muy, muy largo camino que recorrer si habrá de volver a sus cabales. Nuestro país está todavía en una rebelión de facto contra Dios. Aún no hemos salido del bosque, ni siquiera estamos cerca. Pero el infierno sufrió anoche un revés y nada puede cambiar esa realidad que ahora es histórica.

Por lo tanto, oremos por que el Presidente Trump pueda tomar los pasos, aunque sean pasos de bebé, para revertir los motores y cambiar el curso. Nuestras expectativas son modestas, por decir lo menos, pero no sin esperanza y ciertamente no sin una convicción firme de que la alternativa venía del mismo vientre del infierno y habría asestado un golpe de muerte a la América cristiana.

Los perdedores de ayer son ahora la mejor causa de esperanza. Esa derrota aplastante prueba que los malos, aun cuando son poderosos, no son invencibles. Puede resistírseles y hasta derrotárseles. Le guste el personaje o no, Trump ha probado fuera de toda duda, que la guerra por Dios, por la familia y por los no nacidos en este país está lejos de ser una causa perdida.

El sordo gemido que oímos a todo el largo y ancho de América nos ofrece una prueba audible de esto ― es el sonido de los dientes del demonio rechinando. Y para eso, cualesquier reservas que podamos tener acerca de nuestro presidente electo, los americanos decentes pueden levantar “un sonido de alegría al Señor” al dar un suspiro nacional de alivio,

Con cauteloso optimismo hacia el futuro, agradecemos a Dios por el milagro que fue la derrota de la pro-abortista, pro-sodomía, y anti-americana Hillary Rodham Clinton. Y agradecemos a Donald Trump por haber tomado una postura en favor de la gente buena cuya voz ha sido silenciada en este país por demasiado largo tiempo. Anoche se pronunciaron, y su recién descubierta voz fue oída en todo el mundo.

Recen por Donald Trump. Él no es católico, y por eso no tiene el beneficio de los sacramentos. Y sin embargo, todos los poderes del infierno van a aliarse contra él durante los próximos cuatro años. Él necesita de nuestras oraciones, se dé cuenta de ello o no.
Que Dios bendiga a América, y que los americanos utilicen esta tregua para ponerse de rodillas y bendecir a Dios por haber tenido misericordia de nosotros ― misericordia de la cual somos altamente inmerecederos.

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

Some Observations on the Major Heretics
who Created Protestantism

By Horacio Bonfiglioli

Taken from:
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope
[Translator´s note: book page numbers quoted refer to those in the Spanish editions cited]

The hatred of Cromwell, grandson of a Jewess.

Oliver Cromwell constituted an instance of ”the way how the Sixteenth Century's religious revolution had suddenly elevated men of the lower social classes, turning them even into millionaires”.

The Republic having been proclaimed (1646), Oliver Cromwell, who hated the mass as well as Catholic priesthood, put a price on the head of Catholic priests, the same amount would be received for killing a priest as for killing a wolf” (Candidus SI SI NO NO, Summer 2011)

“His major shortcomings were his hatred and cruelty ... and his boundless love of money...” because he “accepted fundamentally Calvinism itself, he reverenced and observed the then recent English version of the Hebraic Scripture as an infallible and exact guide ”. He would constantly and by name turn to the Lord (of the Old Testament) ... and in his trances of  angst and depression he believed to  be receiving direct communication and personal advice from Him”... a characteristically Protestant way of 'relating' to the Lord... He would tolerate Judaism and all sects to the extent they were anti-Catholic... and his purpose was to execrate the Catholic Church to its total extinction.”

 (Belloc,Cromwell, ed Juventud, p 66, 85, 88, 115). It is to be noted that his “Latinist secretary” was poet John Milton, eminently anti-Catholic and adept to polygamy, confirming the sects' proclivity to fall into the community of property and women.

The alliance of the English with the Jews was consolidated under Cromwell, sealing English history to our day. Where does this adulterous intercourse between the English and the Jews come from? Let us look at what happened to them in England in the Seventeenth Century. One of Cromwell's authentic purposes was to receive financial support from the extremely rich Jewish bankers of Amsterdam. To this effect, Rabbi Mannaseh ben Israel traveled to London in 1665, and a deal was arranged; with a respectful diplomatic but implicitly menacing treatment (with the same veiled arrogance with which Chaim Weizman treated the British Prime Minister in the first decades of the Twentieth Century, and also the Yankee presidents... obscurely alluding to the consequences of resisting Jehova and the prizes...)  Even though London and Amsterdam were united in their Hebraism, despite their being trade competitors, it is easy to understand how Menasseh, owner of the gold, was the one who imposed his conditions, and Cromwell, the one who required the gold, submissively accepted them. (James Parkes, ´History of the Jewish People'). We can be sure that, after these negotiations, English piracy, with strong Jewish financial bases, political enmity and religious aversion to Catholicism, extended its aggressions all around the world.

This Menasseh ben Israel, born in Lisbon in 1605, was the most reputed rabbi of his time, representative of orthodoxy, teacher of Spinoza's who later apostatized from his mentor's tendency, a friend of Judaizer H. Grotius and of the also Judaizer Queen Christine of Sweden... “Carried by the mystical idea that the redemption of his people would take place once it had been dispersed through all corners of the world, dared to conclude that the indigenous inhabitants of America (the Redskins) at the time of the discovery were descendants of Israel's ten lost tribes” (L.Dujovne, 'Spinoza'), anticipating another one of the 'unprecedented'  'famous revelations' of Mormon Joe Smith. And he even had the intention of traveling to America to greet the Messiah, as he intended, with his hatred of Catholicism, to have the Israelites hidden in the mountains leave their seclusion and attack the Spaniards, and expel them from the New World” (V. Risco); Cecil Roth confirms this ('The Secret Jews'...173) saying that he was about to be settled in Recife and that his intervention to have Marranos settled in Brasil was very important, and very successful, given the considerable number of Jews who settled there. In this way, he intended to complete the circle of Marrano communities around the world for the Talmudic Messiah to appear. And they are still awaiting him!

Then, “What was demanded from Cromwell ― wrote Douglas Reed in “The Controversy of Sion”, ― ― was in fact, an act of public submission to the Judaic law; not the readmission of the Jews, as they had never left England! They had been expelled in paper, but had remained in their places, and a formal legalization of that situation was required...” And this is how the beginning of the first of the three great subversive revolutions of the modern world, preceding the French and the Russian ones, took concrete form.

“Cromwell was one of the first who called themselves Christians of the Old Testament... a puppet figure in the Zionist history. He forbade the celebration of Christmas day, burned the churches and murdered the priests, and for a moment was a candidate to become the Jewish Messiah! ...although King David could not be found among his ascendancy (he would have enjoyed that role) he had too attractive a qualification in his enthusiasm for the 'absolute destruction' ... his followers, of sword and Bible, would affirm, regarding his sanguinary actions, that he was fulfilling the prophecy: by restoring the Jews in England, he was taking the prescribed steps for the preparation of the Millenium... Cromwell would enjoy proclaiming “religious liberty' and the fulfillment of the prophecy while hunting down priests and the clergy to death.” (Douglas Reed).

“He considered ― wrote Belloc in 'Oliver Cromwell' (ed. Juventud page 32) ― Catholic Ireland as something the destruction of which was imperative, and with which it was not necessary to proceed with loyalty (expropriation of their lands to pay their soldiers was a roguery); English Catholics as beings unworthy of any consideration, who should be eliminated by ruining them financially”; he even installed a number of Jews in Ireland to neutralize the Catholic supremacy (Walsh 'Phillip II') extending his hatred to Spain and Italy.” Belloc goes on: Cromwell “was entirely imbued with the Calvinist spirit... Calvin's dogmas ― a stern, implacable and revengeful God, condemnation of the majority of people, a few predestined to glory (Cromwell among them), futility of the good works, perversity in pleasure,  priesthood of the laymen ― were all a pattern of his being, as was the overwhelming sensation of the superiority of his stock over the non-sanctified, 'those who ignore the law', and the certainty of his mission as the tough arm of an angry Jehovah against the weak and the loser (but not against the strong). This illusion of 'elected race' which still lives on here and there in our times, springs forth from the Hebraic Scripture in its English form... The persecutions, revenge, and crimes therein narrated had nothing symbolic for him and he would accept them reverently as true and trustworthy norms of conduct”. Note that this madness of violence persists, concealed and latent, in present day North American Calvinist, Presbyterian, Mormon,  etc., sects, to support imperialism.

Roth wrote ('The Secret Jews... ' p 175). “In the notable period of England's expansion, which coincided with Elizabeth's reign, the foreign (Jewish) tradesmen colony settled in London naturally grew”. Jewish wealth grew enormously, exactly as it had grown in Holland. During the existence of the Protectorate ... two Philo-Semitic tendencies existed: one was the religious affinity between Calvinists and Jews ... as puritanism had represented a return to the Bible, and above all, a return to the Old Testament. Many of their faithful had taken this to the last extreme... The other tendency assumed by Cromwell was a practical one, as he quickly saw the material advantages which the Jews could offer England as they had offered Holland... helping to establish the main business center of Europe... avoiding the predominance which Holland had exercised until then”. This alliance is explained considering “his boundless love of money. (Belloc, 'Oliver Cromwell') But it should be recognized that this defect frequently accompanies his kind of religion (Calvinist) which, to tell the truth, almost does not consider avarice reprehensible, as also was not considered reprehensible by those heroes of Hebraic history and legend which informed his life.

As “there were very rich crypto-jews (those that concealed their Judaism) related to nobility, their services were used by the dictator for its trade policy. Carvajal, a crypto-jew who traveled to England as the ambassador of Portugal, put at Cromwell'ss disposal a veritable army of spies and agents in all of Europe” (Vicente Risco). It is evident, then, that Judaism, just as it happened in the Second World War, was plainly belligerent, financier, spy, saboteur. fifth column, inciter...

I conclude clarifying that I proposed to set forth the essential of the investigations of great historians, disseminating them for those who cannot have access to them. I would have rather amplified what I wrote, with a semblance of other weighty characters arisen from protestant obscurity. But, regrettably, I do not count with available documentation to do it, though, in reality, nothing new of what has already been said would tell us about the spirit of Protestantism.

The misnamed Reformation, as it only deformed, was nothing other than a distortion of Christianity. Its mere essence, free examination, meaning that anyone can opine on theological or scriptural topics without having the indispensable body of knowledge, unchained all the evil passions wherever Protestantism took root.

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Some Observations on the Major Heretics 

who Created Protestantism


By Horacio Bonfiglioli


Taken from:

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

[Translator´s note: book page numbers quoted refer to those in the Spanish editions cited]

Luther, Descartes, Kant.

Words uttered by professor Jordán Bruno Genta, in one of his private philosophy lectures on November 24, 1959: “There is a perfect continuity between Luther, Descartes and Kant, who is the philosopher of secularism, of the secularization of life...Luther begins by stating that 'reason does not really reach the spiritual', proposition continued one century later by Descartes, who was a Catholic but formed in the Suarist spirit, reaching the conclusion of the total uselessness of speculative reason; to reconcile his Catholicism with Lutheranism he would say he was not so daring as to think about God... and that it was necessary to substitute scholastic speculation by a practice that makes it possible to know the functions of the soul through the body... in other words, that everything has come out from mathematical physics... As a consequence, in the realm of science and praxis we have the progress of secularism and modernism, derived from Protestantism... This idea that everything ends in the usefulness of things, this exaltation of the praxis, is nothing more than the last consequence of the religious rebellion against the fixity and the unity of Truth. Once this unity is broken, from which all other truths derive, we necessarily arrive at materialism.

Elizabeth Tudor

Elizabeth Tudor, who began her reign after she had just had Mary Stuart killed in 1558, was a worthy daughter of her unworthy progenitors, Bastard fruit of the sacrilegious intercourse between the immoral Henry VIII ― while his legitimate wife was still alive ― and the opportunistic aristocrat Ann Boleyn, was the vicious Queen of England who consolidated the Anglican heresy and the corrupt life model which English nobility has imitated until our time.

Christopher Hollis in “The Monstrous Regiment” wrote that the Protestant religion was imposed by Elizabeth of England against the 1000 years of Catholicism of the English people... and that Elizabeth's and Cecil's policy, moved by their hatred of the Catholic faith, had the intention of 'decatholicizing' England; not so much breaking up with the Pope to have their hands free to do what they wished with religion, but directly to banish the Mass from England “Because as long as the people could demand the mass, they would demand the priest. And so that Cecil and his friends could feel secure in their stolen lands, it was necessary to persuade the people that they could very well do without the priests.

On the contrary, thousands were the Catholic martyrs who died immolated for refusing to accept the new Protestant mass which Elizabeth imposed through blood and fire. With the collaboration of apostate Thomas Cramner, named Archbishop of Canterbury in 1533, she validated the usurpation of the property of the Church by the new rich. She “hated the Mass as if it were a live enemy and denied the transubstantiation, Jesus' real presence, and the sacrificial oblation of our Savior... she moved in a surreptitious and resolved manner towards the total elimination of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass... transforming it into a Protestant meal”; you cannot avoid comparing this sacrilege with the method employed hypocritically by Bugnini during Vatican II.

Flaunting an implacable anticatholic hatred ― wrote Candidus in SI SI NO NO of the Summer of 2011 ― Elizabeth made it obligatory, under the gravest of penalties, to participate in the new Anglican rite established by Cramner (who in the meantime had died in the stake. Watch out then! He who attacks the Eucharist runs the risk of having a bad ending)”. The lacking of the Holy Mass was the greatest disgrace for the English Catholics.

“This is how the era of the English Martyrs would begin ― Candidus goes on ― and Catholic blood began to bathe the British soil. But who speaks or writes about this? Who asks the Catholic Church's forgiveness for that?... Elizabeth, meanwhile, mobilized spies and henchmen to hunt 'popists', culpable only of one crime: being priests and offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or. if they were laypersons, of remaining Catholic and attending the same Sacrifice... The penalty for that offense was being hanged and then quartered while still alive...”

Vice, violence, and hatred followed her perfidious reign; being it a scandalous decision, after innumerable political snares, to decree the death by beheading of her cousin, the Queen Martyr, Mary Stuart, the truly legitimate Catholic Queen who could have saved Great Britain from falling into Protestantism, and the world from the evils of British imperialism.

Father Luis Coloma narrates in his “La Reina Mártir” (The Martyr Queen) (ed.Austral), the demented death of Elizabeth Tudor. Could it have been a purifying punishment for her many crimes? “It saddens and afflicts the spirit to go over the long series of mishaps of the Queen of Scotland, and even gets to be outraged, to find at the end of the journey, her noble figure and her Holy cause beaten, while haughty and triumphant the repulsive Elizabeth and her heretical church, But it is not a good judge he who judges without noting the entire process ― and if the days of the impious are long, his death is certain and it comes at a point. That is why it is appropriate to examine this last page of the process of Elizabeth and compare life with life, death with death, and, up to what can be inferred, eternal destiny with eternal destiny” (page 219)

Being Elizabeth 55 years of age, and in a deplorable state, aged and ugly, toothless and bald, and above all evil, she fell hopelessly in love with one of her many lovers, only 21 years of age; he tolerated his amatory relationship with that 'ridiculous old woman' as he used to call her, to make use of her, but so disgracefully that Elizabeth, having been snubbed, in one of her hysterical outbursts, had him hanged. That is how her Calvary began; ten days she remained lying on a tapestry on the floor, as an idiot,without uttering a word or changing her position, unceasingly sucking a finger of her left hand, always the same, her eyes disengaged and fixed on the floor. “Once the first fits of rage and fury had passed, she stayed there, motionless and silent, possessed of that somber desperation which in the haughty spirits infuses the fixed and constant thought of the things that could have been and because of our own fault were not, and which can no longer be remedied... And without a word of remorse, or of forgiveness to ask, or of consolation she might need, her existence faded slowly in that same position... That is how Elizabeth died and that is the way her black soul fell into eternity where one of her major torments was, without a doubt, to contemplate the glory of Mary Stuart in heaven”, She died as miserably as she had lived.

Politically, during her calamitous reign she opened the doors to the new millionaires, a new plutocracy, who had become wealthy by stealing the property of the Church, sheltered under the Calvinist slogan; wealth sanctifies. Elizabeth lived in submission to William Cecil (Lord Burghley) the main one of them, who began governing England and Elizabeth in 1558 (Belloc “How the Reformation Happened”) “The prime task of the new millionaires, with Cecil at their head, was to uproot the Catholic Church to secure their robbery; at the same time that Elizabeth was forced to submit herself, as she was terrorized with supposed conspirations and popular Catholic rebellions. “In all important matters, she had to yield, because the royal power had already been radically weakened and that of the rich had already begun to supplant it,”

“Catholics (the petty rural nobility) were dispossessed of their property in the time of Elizabeth I of England by force of reiterated penalties imposed on those who refused to attend the Protestant 'offices'; those who said Mass or heard it or simply hid a priest, were hanged on charges of 'treason', sometimes after terrible torture” (Father Leonardo Castellani “El Apokalipsis” page 214),

But she was not far behind as regards her love of money, as with one of her other lovers and also partner, buccaneer Raleigh, considered a hero by Protestants, she organized piracy with four objectives: contraband, black slave trade, assault on Spanish galleons, and the bloody sacking of American towns by his pirates. These criminal activities of the queen and her beneficiaries had a decisive influence in British development and capitalist economic prosperity, and for that reason, they are glorified in the cinema.

To better understand her mentality and that of Protestantism with respect to Judaism, this little tale comes to mind; Cecil Roth (“The Secret Jews..”) says: “a ship with marranos on board, which headed towards England, was captured and taken to London, Among the passsengers was a jewish woman of such a beauty that an English nobleman tried to take her as wife; and the Tudor, also captivated by her charm, rode in the same carriage with her and ordered the liberty of all jews. But the Hebrew “left the pomp of England for love of Judaism, leaving the philosemite queen slighted”

(t be continued)

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Some Observations on the Major Heretics 

who Created Protestantism


By Horacio Bonfiglioli

Taken from:

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

[Translator´s note: book page numbers quoted refer to those in the Spanish editions cited]

Calvin, the most fanatical of Israel's false prophets, 

He was another one of the false prophets of Israel, the most fanatical of the Hebraists... his system was more Roman than Christian and more Jewish than the two put together. When prophetism no longer proceeded after the incarnation of the Messiah, he fabricated a cohabitation between Jesus and Moses, giving Moses priority over Jesus, from which a dreadful religious doctrine emerged, which is still the soul of the current North American protestant sects, (in the Cadenas del Obligado blog you will be able to read about the blasphemies of Mormon James Talmage, in “El Mormonismo” which will be published shortly). Despite their having put aside certain 'stinging' Calvinist doctrines, the Protestant culture “is in its most intimate ideals impregnated with the spirit of John Calvin”. This is how Belloc puts it ('How the Reformation Happened')... because Calvin's book, “Christian Institution” changed the future of the Protestant Reformation in its entirety... “Nowadays we can find this man's influence in unsuspected regions of thought,”. The people wanted to reform the abuses and immoralities of certain clerics, maintaining themselves within the Catholic faith, but the reformists took advantage of this to ally themselves with ambitious princes and capitalists, razing the true religion of Christ with blood and fire.

That is how a new theology arose; a new church government; a new morality; a new conception of God, “new and strange”, similar to the Manichaean, but where God is the only principle both of good and of evil, and the condemnation and sufferings in this life are the work of Him. Still worse, Nicolás (Auguste Nicolás, “Protestantismo y Comunismo” ed NOS) says that, to Calvin “God not only sees perdition, but He premeditates it, he wants it, he pre-disposes it (250) ...and condemns us without there being a fault in our part... Calvin did not deny the Incarnation but he forced it to wear the ancient compulsive pagan horror: fatality; and he distorted it thus. ”Christ's merits are an attribution and nothing more. God is Chance, and  Chance is an immutable whole. Man is condemned or saved but this does not depend on him”.

He founded his doctrine on the negation of personal liberty ― as he would say that the despotic Judeo-Calvinist Jehova would elect his saints and his damned disregarding the moral life of any of them ― and also on the negation of public liberties, under the political and social tyranny which he imposed in the name of Jehova himself. The Calvinist creed, ardently Hebraic, sought to establish a totalitarian theocracy (a new Sion), saturating public and private life with the directives of a judaic religion, similar to the one of the Old Testament, transforming the NewTestament into the Old Testament and Christianity into Judaism.. he sees Christianity as the crowning of Judaism”... and then he affirms that “it is not Christ the object of Judaic law but the law the object of Christ”; even to the point of adulterating the doctrine of the Holy Trinity: “It is not the Holy Spirit who judges Scripture, on the contrary, Scripture is the judge... of the Holy Spirit. If this is so, the Law of the Father is the object not only of the Son but also of the Spirit: the One is the object of the Three”. Definitely, “Calvin gives the impression of not having ever understood this: Christ the Redeemer seems not to have ever come for him. Unconsciously and thinking he is serving Christ he proceeds as though He had not existed; thinking he was 'glorifying the Lord' he wanted to invert the order of things established by God over time, distort it in a monstrous deviation, thus carrying out an impossible enterprise, a crime no longer moral but metaphysical.” (Dimitri Merejkovsi in 'Calvino', ed Castelar). “Calvin suppressed that pledge of divine love (the Eucharist); suppressed Jesus Christ in the Sacrament, in the same way as Luther had suppressed Him in the teaching; and with this he broke the communion of the hearts as Luther had broken that of the spirits.” (A. Nicolás).

Merejkovsi described dismal aspects in the building of the Genevan theocracy: ”...a census of the confession of the Calvinist faith was taken among all the population in Geneva... those who refused to go along in  making an oath of professing the new creed were banished from the city... Police invaded homes and dragged the people to make their oath .., the cornerstone of the theocracy is the Calvinist creed sustained by discipline... and this by excommunication, and then by torture... the city seethes with spies called 'guardians'...  the walls of houses are for them transparent as glass. Not only acts are monitored, but also thoughts and sentiments... Geneva was then the 'city of sorrows', Dante's Inferno ... It was thus converted into a secular world of a gigantic monastery, where the toughest discipline ruled, maintained by means of the :Law, torture and fire. It was called the 'War on Happiness'. Some years later, the protestants would organize a new unhealthy Puritan Theocracy in New England, similar to that in Geneva.

“His defendants would have considered the tyranny of which posterity accused him, a praise. In the struggle between liberty and authority, Calvinism sacrificed liberty... To the Calvinist at heart, the dictatorship of the ecclesiastical ministry appeared as inevitable as the Committee of Public Safety appeared to the men of 1793, or the dictatorship of the proletariat appeared to the enthusiastic Bolsheviks... Calvinist social theory began as an authoritarian theocracy but ended up as an almost utilitarian individualism... or as a rigorous Christian Socialism, one  standing out over the other in accordance with national circumstances. (Tawny op cit. Page 239, 120, etc.) Some of his followers would ask in fear whether Calvin was a saint or a demon...

Calvin, misinterpreting the Old Testament, preached that men and the entire world belonged exclusively and entirely to God... through him, as he considered himself administrator of the divine goods. It is not surprising, then, that Calvin and his 'puritan saints' would lay claim to imposing their ideology on the rest of Europe, in accordance with a divine mandate, they believed they had such a right on account of their condition as the pre-destined 'hand of God'. This is the idea that engendered the Anglo-Saxon imperialism. Belloc in 'Charles I' wrote. It needs to be recalled that Calvinism was cosmopolitan, the same way as is Catholicism [but opposed in their methods: Catholicism by means of apostolate; Protestantism by means of gimmicks and violence]: a Calvinist sufficiently extremist for the purpose was ready to call foreign Scottish arms in aid against his own country. The Calvinist spirit wanted [Ënglish] foreign policy to lean towards supporting his Calvinist brethren abroad”.
With the same Genevan brutality acted the Calvinists in the English Civil War. In his same book, Belloc wrote that, after the battle of Naseby, “the Puritan soldiers finished their battle with a slaughter of women”. Then, in Chester, the end of Charles I war prowess, a small group of prisoners “surrendered [before the Puritans] on the express condition of saving their lives, but then, at the special request of Calvinist clergy, its members were knifed. Not only men were killed but also the throats of women and children who happened to be there, were slit in cold blood. This brutality of the civilized English protestants were not isolated acts, but commonplace, as Calvinists always claimed that they did that at Jehova's mandate..(I will publish Dave Armstrong's “The Protestant Inquisition, Reform, Intolerance, and Persecution”)

You will also be able to read my articles “Theological Hatred and Protestant Inquisition” and “Protestantism is an enemy of our Homeland:” These Calvinist ministers considered themselves pre-destined, and acted in a manner similar to that of the “Pilgrim Fathers”, idealized by the official history, who invaded the United States, murdering the native populations, with not the least intention of evangelizing them.

Along with the creation of this totalitarian theological state, the making of the Old Testament the birth and consolidation of Capitalism, that is usury arises as a political function. In its origin, we find the barbarian theory of Judeo-Protestant pre-destination. Frederick Wilhelmsen wrote: “Although my acts are not worth one jot for my salvation, they are nevertheless a signal or a symbol of that salvation. Said differently, a man saved by God can become aware of his salvation, can separate himself from the mass of the damned, if God has blessed him with the goods of this life. Material prosperity is a proof that God has elected me.” (“El problema de Occidente y los cristianos” ed del Requeté page 45). Calvinist Capitalism has then an irresistible attraction for the faithful, since the more riches they own the more delightful is this earthly life and most assured is the salvation of their souls. It is the apogee of human life exalted without limits with the power of gold, without remorse whatsoever or without qualms for disobeying Christ's mandate, who had preached exactly the opposite, but rather with the satisfied certainty of the entry into Paradise, thanks to a saintly life behind the counter. These ideas completely upset the protestant social ethics and common sense.Then it was logic that the imperious need to become rich would legalize usury, that kind of alchemy which produces gold from gold. Capitalism is then the accumulation of wealth and usury in order to acquire political power. We live in the Age of Usury. Imperialism has thus its justificative theology.

Wilhelmsen continues: “It is frequently said that Calvinism was the cause of Capitalism. This is not exactly true, Capitalism had begun to develop in England and the Netherlands before the advent of Calvinism, due to the inception of that economic transformation which later became the Industrial Revolution, and due to the decline of the guilds and of their ancient liberties because of the centralization of the states and the presence of a new class, the bourgeoisie. But nascent Capitalism received its spirit from Calvinism, which was the spur that drove man to become rich at all cost” It is logical then to deduce that the Judeo-Calvinists who have managed to accumulate the greatest riches in the world consider themselves to be pre-destined and inheritors of the materialistic interpretation of the Old Testament, to dominate the world. Calvinism, by means of its collateral sects, would emerge with such strength in the United States that it would rule the religious life and the very spirit of that nation,

(ti be continued)
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lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

Some Observations on the Major Heretics 

who Created Protestantism

(First in a series being published on Judeo-Protestant Imperialism)

By Horacio Bonfiglioli
Taken from:
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

[Translator´s note: book page numbers quoted refer to those in the Spanish editions cited]

It happened in a certain historical time, which Belloc called the “Dark age” because it was the preparation for the luminous splendor of the Middle Ages ― so maliciously denigrated by the enemies of Catholicism ― in which God Our Lord, maybe to test the religious integrity of men, allowed certain hurtful words to be cast to the wind, which offended human reason, mumbled by spurious philosophers and Talmudic theologians, affirming the pretension of 'deifying' man; uttered in almost unnoticed conventicles, against Aristotle's and Saint Thomas' philosophy based on the reality and the truth of beings and on human nature, in order to desacralize theology.

Luther, the friar who separated man from God:

Many years later, Luther, standing on the stump of an enormous fallen tree, in the clearing of a forest surrounding Wittenberg, casting his habit to the wind, was anointed by the furies of pride, as all around him a coven of the cursed of all times, his inspirers and servers: heretics, satanic, Talmudic, gnostics and Manichaeans, and the reneged nun, exalted with lust, gamboled at the cry of Master and lord! Then Luther, the new prophet which embodied the resentment and pride accumulated throughout the centuries, in the middle of the rabble, looking at the distance, in the valley, the towers of the Wittenberg Cathedral, began bellowing his imprecation: I am the one who is predestined to demolish them! I will put an end to the prostitute of Rome!

(This is the way I imagined this scene, as close to reality as if I had contemplated it with my own eyes, and even though, as it is to be assumed, there are no historical records to testify to that, it could have happened in no other way.)

In Si Si No No of the Summer of 2015, 'Speculator' described perfectly and definitively Luther's true personality, commenting on Professor Georg May's excellent book, “The Trap of Ecumenism”, written when 'progressive' Vaticanists began aggrandizing Luther to satisfy their ecumenical infatuation: “First of all, the initiative that the ecumenists have been pushing for a long time already, to re-evaluate Luther as though he had not been properly understood or interpreted, should be rejected. There are pious and exemplary men in Lutheranism, but its founder is not among them.” His moral and intellectual defects are very well known: a friar who broke his vows, who yielded to sensuality, to pride, to rage, and to hatred. He idolized himself (he had an astute and aggressive personality, he was a violent and very skilled polemizer and at the same time, subtle and self-confident in his hermeneutical sophistry). He would incite hatred against the Pope on the masses, making use of a mean lampoonery. It is unjust to treat him as a 'reformer'. He was a destroyer of the faith, of the Church, a sower of discord, a true Attila. He made use of the mischiefs that afflicted the militant Church of his time, as an excuse to reject the sane doctrine and substitute it with a personal interpretation of Scripture (interpretation which tried to achieve the squaring of the circle; that is, to reconcile salvation with the liberty of an individual who wishes to go on following the impulses of the flesh and of pride)”

Free examination', the foundation of the heretic Lutheran theology, in addition to being the wellspring of all kinds of philosophical nonsense, has very grave political implications. I consider it necessary to reproduce a few paragraphs of an enlightening conference titled: “Free examination and Communism” [which we will reproduce separately in its entirety] delivered in the Hall of the Huemul Bookstore [in Buenos Aires] on April 2, 1960. in which professor Jordán Bruno Genta, with his metaphysical profundity, related the political consequences of Protestant free examination:

“What does Luther's rebellion consist of? ― Professor Genta would ask ― The true sense of the rebellion is to disintegrate Christ in the conviction of thought, it is to divide Christ, because that is the secret, the key to every heresy.  Luther says: “Only faith justifies, without works, ... The only agent of salvation is God... Man is absolutely not free to do good... whatever you do in life, if you are among the called and justified, you will be saved, if you are among the damned, you will be lost.

“The eternal has been severed from the temporal; this temporal life has nothing to do with the eternal. Man's world has nothing to do with the world of God; God will have to do with Man after this life but not in this life; what is going to happen in eternity has already been resolved. Man's liberty is divided from Grace. Christ has been split, it has been divided in Luther's thought and this is the true origin of communism because communism is pure nihilism.

“Communism is the confusion of everything with everything, it is the confusion of all hierarchies and of all distinctions, it is the levelling at the insubstantial in the indeterminate and formless matter. All of these consequences are entailed at the moment we reject Christ, we reject Him the same way as Luther began rejecting him, letting what is human entirely freed to itself.

“This division was reflected afterwards in the philosophical realm with Descartes, the father of modern philosophy. Descartes separates the truths of Faith, that is, the truths revealed about the mysteries of God, from the truths of reason. But the purpose of Faith is to understand. Faith is a grace given by God to enhance human intelligence on things that are essential ― professor Genta continues his dissertation ― which are fundamental, which are the thngs about God, the things about the soul and the things about the destiny of man. Faith is something to make the mind more powerful for the end to which he was created. And, logically, once human intelligence has been severed from faith, under the pretext that reason had been the servant of the Faith and of Religion ― as though being subordinated to what comes from God Himself were not its proper place ― the contemplative life of intelligence had to become extinguished little by little, and the intelligence had to be promoted ever more exclusively in the handling of temporal things... [and thus] the sense of the question of man and his destiny has been lost, that which even pagans had had.

“And so, what happened after this division of the truths of faith and the truths of reason? It happened that theology and metaphysics were eliminated from civil life ... and man, freed to himself began to disown ― already by the Eighteenth Century ― the existence of original sin, when the idea of the  Natural Goodness of Man emerges, and selfishness is made the law of nature.

“It is in this manner that such a monstrous thing as is the true revolution against Christ and against the natural order which reflects Him, is proposed; in place of the sense of natural societies, of societies which meet the demands of human nature, confirmed by divine law, as is the family, and the state itself; the political society, the perfect society in the temporal realm is reduced to such a contrived, conventional and histrionic thing which is what it means to convert it into a free association, in the product of a contract and of a convention.”

“Little by little, everything has been subordinated to the human will; little by little, man has set himself up as the starting point, as the absolute beginning, even in the order of the religious, thus the infinite variations of Protestantism; in the philosophical order, the infinite variations of subjectivism, of idealism, of immanentism in all of its forms; and, in the political order, everything is to be subjected to that liberty, to that absolute principle which man has proclaimed himself to be. The family is to become a contract, social classes to become conventions of interests, of coincidences, of group interests, of parties, and so on. Little by little, all things which refer to God, which signify the Divine Word, Creator, and Redeemer, are being torn down, all distinctions, all hierarchies, are being suppressed. And then comes the confusion of all creeds, all creeds become equally and relatively valid, all thoughts and all opinions become equally valid or invalid, and the societies where man has to conduct his life and develop his personality are also conventions and arbitrarinesses...”

Then Professor Genta quotes the famous tract “On the Community of Goods”, written in 1535 by the great Spanish humanist, Juan Luis Vives: “In other times, in Germany, matters of piety were constituted in such a manner that they maintained themselves stable in the most agreeable quietude. But someone turned up who dared to discuss some of those matters, moderately and timidly at first, but very soon openly, not only to dispute about them but to deny them, suppress them or reject them, displaying so much security with respect to many of them as though the objector had descended from heaven knowing God's secret designs or as though it was just a matter of sewing a shoe or a dress.... From the discrepancy of opinions, discord of life arose, and then, those who had  aroused the war in the false name of liberty and most unjust equality of inferiors with superiors were succeeded by those that requested and demanded no longer such equality but the community of all goods”

When the barbarous notion of the Bible's free examination, and this began to apply to all orders of life ― in accordance with Vives' words quoted by Professor Genta ― many bloody popular mutinies arose among the sectarians, with most cruelty on both sides, which terrified Luther,  since even though he had first incited the common people with his free examination, he then retracted himself, inciting the Princes to impose a very violent bloody repression.

On November 24, 1959, in one of his private philosophy classes, Professor Genta said: “There is a perfect continuity between Luther, Descartes, and Kant, the philosopher of secularism, of the secularization of life... Luther begins by saying that “reason does not truly grasp the spiritual”, proposition continued one century later by Descartes, who was a Catholic but molded in the Suarist spirit, reaching the conclusion of the total uselessness of speculative reason; to reconcile his catholicism with Lutheranism, he would say that he was not so bold as to think about God....and that it was necessary to substitute scholastic speculation with a practice that makes it possible to know the functions of the soul through the body ... in other words, that everything has sprung forth from mathematical physics... In consequence, in the realm of science and of praxis we have the progression of secularism and modernism both derived from Protestantism. This idea, that everything ends in the use of things, this exaltation of the praxis is nothing but the ultimate consequence of the religious rebellion against the fixedness and unity of Truth. Shattered this unity of the Truth, from which all other truths derive, we would arrive at materialism.

“Luther severed reason from faith, radically denigrating human reason (that thing which makes us be in the likeness of our Creator). He then despised Church authority...but  “The  doctrine of Truth requires the Cathedra of Unity”, said Saint Augustine. Disregarding this Cathedra, Luther did away with the unity of reason, of interpretation. Luther is an opinion giver and behind him are a multitude of opinion givers... throwing himself into the multiplicity. Dionysius said that multiplicity always participates in unity for being to occur. Where that multiplicity cannot refer itself to the unity of being, chaos results.  The character of the multiple is participating of the one... Free examination applied to divine matters is communism ... Luther put himself above Peter´s Cathedra. What equality is not to be reclaimed after this one? What is interesting is the levelling of judgment in the interpretation of God´s Word; the latter disappears amidst the opinions.

This is how the learned English historian, R. H. Tawney, (Religion in the Origin of Capitalism) commented: “Above all,the peasant war, with its emotive appeal to the Gospel and its tremendous catastrophe, not only terrified Luther, moving him to declare: 'To him one who can in this way attack, bite, strangle or stab, in secret or in public... so marvellous are these times, that a prince can make himself worthy of heaven, better by shedding blood than by elevating his prayers to God...' and in one of his public writings, inciting the mob: 'it is licit to use all kinds of arms against the Pope and the Cardinals, and wash our hands in their blood' (cited by Father Hartmann Grisar in a book which is indispensable to understand Protestantism; 'Martín Lutero, su vida y su obra' ed. Victoriano Suárez, Madrid.― English edition: 'Martin Luther, his life and work'  Arthur Preuss, editor,

Luther's hate of the Pope broke out like a plague when his pride rejected the just condemnatory sentence of his work and his polemics. In one of his writings he says “(Catholic) hierarchy should be suppressed, and civil power (the Protestant German princes) has power over her... such secular authority power should be exercised against the priests, the bishops, and the Pope”... in that way instituting the right of the State to act against the Church... So much is this so, that “in reality, the Prince Elector, John of Saxony, has been the true patron of Lutheranism,and the true promoter of the progress of Protestantism...” (page 235)

It happened then that Luther could only rest on the power of the princes, the State church becoming a necessity.

“Ín the early Sixteenth Century”, wrote Father Castellani in a tremendous book, Cristo y los Fariseos (Jauja ed. page 20) [Christ and the Pharisees] “If half of Europe ended up following and embracing the religious rebellion it was because all Europe was sunk in the greatest religious crisis in world's history ― the one before last. Phariseeism was about to drown religion. Externalities devoured the faith... But Protestantism did not remedy the wrong but made it worse.” Protestantism took on popular indignation against 'indugences´, protested, handed the sects over to the public power, kept on protesting, and left it at that; “to live protesting is not a religious ideal”. It is a negative way of trying to survive. Handing the sects over to the princes became graver to such a degree, that Protestantism is nowadays a religion manipulated by the State.

Despite that, Protestants and ´progressive´ Catholics hypocritically criticize these days what they call the ´Constantinian' Church since they argue that it was subjected to the State. This was not so, it is simply another lie with which they think they can satisfy their 'Jehova'; to lie for a 'lofty' cause as Luther asserted. What is fundamental of this attitude is that they intend to separate the State from the Church in a Catholic country, which is the same as to degrade the State to atheism, to atheistic humanism, leaving it defenseless, with no soul, a field propitious for them to appropriate it and to sow their discord... . This political manoeuvre to separate the Church from Catholic states, repudiating their religious traditions, is used by them to better introduce themselves in equal terms, by means of the promoted freedom of conscience and freedom of worship, creating spiritual chaos, and even, waiting for a propitious opportunity to assault the State and convert the country into a Protestant colony.

Paradoxically, it has been demonstrated historically that these Protestants without moral scruples, lacking seriousness, maintain their sects under the sponsorship of their respective governments; in the same way as Luther survived turning himself over to the ambitious and irreligious hands of John of Saxony, They rejected the spiritual power of the Pope, to surrender to the political power of the princes and of the oligarchy. Denying Christ´s reign over the souls, they promote the totalitarian, secular State, Marxist, or masonic, with the churches subjected, the same way as they are in the Protestant States.

The Corrupt Henry VIII, wielding greater religious powers than the Pope; 

and Archbishop Cranmer´s hatred.

The immorality into which Henry VIII fell is so well known, we think it is not necessary to repeat it here, but I must highlight some political and religious consequences of his reign, to refute some of the falsities which Protestants argue against the Church. Exactly the same thing happened in England as in Germany and in Geneva; Protestantism, separated from Rome, was converted into the State's religion;  new, secular law was imposed, thanks to which Henry VIII (the king) was, without qualification, immediately designated Head of the Church of England, as later were all the succeeding kings, both in spiritual as well as temporal matters, and was the last resort to appeal on all ecclesiastical matters. In another article, we shall see the consequences of the airs of infallibility, on all orders of life, of the Yankee protestant pastors and theologians. The English Parliament, as is to be supposed, recorded this stunning innovation (in 1534) turning it into law within England. A sworn oath of loyalty to the royal supremacy was exacted from the bishops and members of monasteries. It was almost unanimously accepted” (H. Belloc, 'How the Reformation Happened')

Tawney in his quoted book denounces that Protestantism in England was saturated of an almost servile dependence on secular authorities, and that “in the Sixteenth Century the Church turned into an ecclesiastical department of the State (i.e. of the Crown), and religion was used to give moral sanction to secular policy... clerics were at the same time public officials, and the Parish was also subordinated to the King... canon law was nationalized, leaving it in the hands of citizens who acted under the Crown's authority”... and so on and so forth,

Despite the fact that Henry VIII “in his character and in his faith was deeply Catholic”, at least until defecting in front of skirts; Belloc affirms that he “broke with Rome influenced by Thomas Cromwell, a man indifferent to the national consequences as long as he could fill his pockets (Belloc 'Cómo Aconteció la Reforma” pág. 88  'How the Reformation Happened') He was a usurer and usurped a fortune which gave origin to his family´s predominance in politics until a century later emerged his descendant, the nefarious Oliver Cromwell.

Pillage, primordial characteristic of English policy, culminated, as is well known, stealing the property of the Church to enrich the noblemen and keep them under political power. W. Sombart, in “Lujo y Capitalismo” (ed. G. Dávalos ― in English: “Luxury and Capitalism”) narrates: “At the end of the War of the Two Roses, all but 29 of the houses of the ancient nobility had disappeared, and those that remained were impoverished and in a pitiful situation. The first thing that Henry VIII did was to reintegrate the power and the fortune to these stately houses, subjecting them in that way to the Crown, who from that moment on maintained its undisputed predominance over them.

Confiscation of the property of the Church gave the King the means to carry out this restoration of the nobility.” But to attain better political control, Henry VIII creates numerous new titles; better said, he sells dignities; hundreds of titles were sold during the XVII and XVIII centuries. That is how from behind the counters of the bourgeois merchants emerged the English haughty nobility which considered itself predestined to govern the world. “It is at this time, then, that the power of money begins to make its influence be felt in a notorious way, influence which becomes decisive in the XVIII century”, Defoe says “Commerce is so far from being incompatible with the gentleman, that without circumventions commerce in England makes gentlemen: because after one or two generations the sons of merchants, or at least their grandsons, become as perfect gentlemen as those of the highest cradle or those of the most ancient families.” (page 28)

But in addition to subjecting Protestantism as State religion, which from then on it would be the characteristic relationship between the two, the substitution of the Holy Mass by the Protestant Meal was consummated by Archbishop Cramner. In Si Si No No of March 2014 I read an interesting article commenting Michael Davies' book “The Anglican Liturgical Reformation”, an important work because it makes us understand that the creation of the Anglican Meal was introduced in England in a stealthy way, with ambiguous texts and implicit heresies, so as not to frighten the faithful which passed inadvertently to the educated few. To achieve this end, Anglicanism imposed a book, insignificant in appearance, the Book of Common Prayer, the character of which was so prodigiously ambiguous that the 'conservatives' would accept it without the 'progressives' rejecting it.

The arguments adduced by Davies are impressing [...] Cramner was a crypto-Lutheran and already had been married under the reign of Henry VIII; the King named him Archbishop of Canterbury; the Pope excommunicated him for having declared Henry VIII´s marriage with Ann Boleyn valid [...] But as Henry VIII would not have permitted entry of heresy in his kingdom, Cramner waited until the reign of Eduard VI, “and began to protestantize the nation, transforming the cult in a Lutheran way” [...]; Cramner “conceived the audacious purpose of modifying the faith of the English people radically, resorting only to the transformation of the liturgy, In accordance with the lex orandi, lex credendi axiom, liturgy is, in effect, the faith prayed. If the way of praying is changed, the faith also mutates. In England the unforeseen and en masse change of an entire people had not as its principal cause the preaching of a reformer, as was the case of Luther in Germany or Calvin in Switzerland, because Cramner judged that through liturgy he would change mentalities with greater effectiveness than by means of any sermon [...]; but little by little he eliminated sixteen prayers from the Catholic Missal to erase the idea of satisfactory and propitiatory sacrifice [These omissions are perfectly described in Hugh Ross Williamson´s Historical Summary of the Introduction of Protestantism in England” “Resumen Histórico de la Introducción del Protestantismo en Inglaterra” published in Spanish in www.statveritas,] Cramner was successful, eliminated Catholicism in England in an inconceivable way, achieving an almost general apostasy, affirmed definitively during Elizabeth's reign: Catholics who perceived the heretical change and resisted were savagely martyred and murdered by the protestant Inquisition. Without the Church, without the Holy Mass, England was left in the impious hands of the 'predestined Jehova's saints', which went on building the imperialism that devastated the world.

A parenthesis: Davies article also demonstrates that the creation of the Novus Ordo Mass by Paul VI, the crypto Lutheran mass of 1969 was a masterful move, since it is similar to Cramner's Protestant Meal in a scandalous way, as was denounced by so many priests. Then the anti-modernist environment's erosion was secured with the indult given by John Paul II in 1984, and lastly, with Benedict XVI the Roman Apostolic Rite is intended to be bastardized by mixing it with the Novus Ordo, to attain a third most novel mass.”  The method employed by Vatican II was similar: write ambiguous texts which may be interpreted in one way or another, creating confusion, bewilderment, and perplexity, which is how modernism enters.

Concluding this rough sketch I quote this paragraph from Vicente Sierra´s “Historia de la Argentina”, demonstrating that Anglicanism appealed to blood and fire against those who did not accept its heresy: “England's Henry VIII, in the space of thirty-eight years, sent to death two queens, two cardinals, two archbishops, eighteen bishops, thirteen abbots, five hundred priors and monks, thirty-eight doctors, twelve dukes and counts, hundred and sixty-four gentlemen, hundred and twenty-four plain citizens and hundred and ten plain women”

(To be continued)
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