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lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

On the Secret Power

By Father Leonardo Castellani (1899 - 1981)

Originally published in Dinámica Social, number 136, May 1962
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

That the secret power is money is something well known. It is an open secret: already in his time Saint Paul said: “pecunia, cui obediunt omnia…” He did not say: ”cui obediunt OMNES”; he said “to which all things render obedience”, not “all men”, since not all men pay obedience to money, and those who do obey it servilely are things rather than men. The miser is not a man, said Aristotle: there are three lives (good or bad depending on how they are employed) the life of pleasure or puerile; the “political”, or life of action, and the life of contemplation, “theoretikós bios”; but the life of the miser is not human life, since money, which is a means, is converted into an aberration when turned into an end. These three Aristotelian lives correspond more or less to the aesthetic, ethical and religious lives of Kierkegaard's.

Some believe that the secret power is women, but these are still less secret. All of us, I agree, to a greater or lesser extent are slaves of those absurd creatures, unless we are tyrants. For a Christian, they are simply sisters, said Saint Paul, But it happens that Saint Paul is no longer in Casa Rosada.

But nowadays others think that a secret power, not good at all, moves the puppets of current history behind the scenes, at least in part. If the French Revolution derailed, which had started on the right foot; if a terrible civil war occurred in Spain and two other worse, World ones, those and other calamities proceed from the World Secret Power, the WRM (World Revolutionary Movement) or the “Illuminati” as they are called by commander William Carr. Are they the Jews? They are not the Jews. Are they the masons? Not entirely. Are they the so called the Frozen Finance Sharks?  Is it Communism? Is it Capitalism? It is something still more secret than this, which serves itself, and takes advantage of, the ones and the others.

The books by Commander Carr are not to be dismissed; he has written at least five on this topic, which obsessed him. William Carr was a Catholic Canadian, a member of the British Intelligence Service (counterespionage) during the Second World War, and in the first one he had commanded a schooner and served as a submarine crew member. He died a short time ago in a US hospital after having to undergo patiently a paralysis of many years. I have translated from the English language the main one of his books, “The Pawns in the Game”, with the Spanish title of “Los Títeres en el Tablado”; unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to publish it.

Some may say that it is an exaggerated or fanatical book. It must be granted that it is somewhat simplistic on some points, But those points in which he provides direct, primary source information (for example, that on the Spanish war, where he had been) merit great consideration. He is a man who because of his job would have known and find out hidden matters, and he practiced his trade for many years.

Carr claims that a secret lodge of powerful men exists in the World at the present time, which plots, mainly by means of money, and with all types of maneuvers, even criminal ones, to further what he calls the “World Revolutionary Movement” WRM. The ultimate end of this lodge is to attain an Atheistic World State presided by them. To trace them, Carr goes back to the early stages of the French Revolution, showing in it the influence of secret directives, a matter which French historian Augustin Cochin has also exposed and proven clearly in his powerful books, and some others. The same thing happened in the Spanish Revolution; which has been partially found out by Franco partisans. As well as in the two world wars. In sum, his thesis is that the disastrous events in contemporaneous history, including communism, did not happen by chance, but are coordinated and connected. Whether the unifier and coagulator are what he calls “Illuminati” or some other power, group, or society, it is an arguable matter. Be it what it may, he calls it, not without reason, satanic.

The most talked about and best-written book on this topic is that of Hungarian Louis Marschalko, which has made a “sensation” in North America, titled (in its English edition) The World Conquerors, published in London in 1958. The work, of 300 packed pages, circumscribes itself to Communism, was written as a response to the bloody crushing of Hungary by Russia, and it swarms with concrete data on contemporary history. Its reading dismays. At the end of the first chapter he stamps this phrase:
"In this manner, the world conquerors began their march with the intention of subjugating the Globe and make themselves the lords of all nations”
At the end of his book, as a manner of epigraph, he stamps three quotes: from Disraeli, from Winston Churchill and from Oscar Levi (who was Queen Victoria's Prime Minister, builder of the Empire and descendant of an Italian Jew). Disraeli's quote, taken from his book The Life of Lord Bentnick is:
“The People of God cooperate with the atheists; the most gifted amassers of money ally themselves with the Communists; the Chosen and Separated Race touches the hands of the sordid and humiliated castes in Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy this ungrateful Christianity who owes even its name to them, the tiranny of which they can bear no longer.”
This quote from Disraeli agrees with that of Bernard Lazaré, a Jew who was a friend of Charles Peguy and who wrote a book on the dispute between Dreyfus and Drunimond in France at the end of last century (the nineteenth) L'Antisemitisme. The following appears on page 350:
“The Jew is not satisfied with dechristianizing, he judaizes. He destroys the Catholic or protestant faith, fosters religious indifferentism, mostly to impose its own idea of the world, mores and life on those whose faith he has ruined. He works on his secular task: the annihilation of the religion of Christ”
Marschalko's book is anti-semitic, or at least tips the scale against the Jews; those of William Carr are not. Carr believes that in the sinister conventicle which plots to destroy Tradition and foster Total Revolution in the World, there are certainly Jews or, better said, those that descend not from Judah but from Judas, which is to say bad Jews, the same as there are apostate Christians and Protestants, but not the entire race is compromised, as it has righteous and well-intentioned men, not less than many unharmful or indifferent... Which seems obvious.

As incredible as this may seem, it happens to coincide with a report to the Holy See by Monsignor Michel D’Herbigny, author of two admirable books: A Russian Newman and De Vera Religione, founder of the Collegium Russicum, who mastered the Russian language and traveled in Russia, in whose secret report on a World Conspiracy against the Church concludes it does exist. I do not have the text of that report at hand, but I believe clearly that he concludes affirming that somewhere or in several places in the World, a group of powerful (a bankers' trust these days yields a brutal amount of power: it can channel a huge amount of money, that does not belong to it but that it amasses without risking anything, to produce a revolution in Mexico, for example), devoted with diabolical energy and cunning to demolish the ancient tower created by the “gens romana” on the rock of a Jewish fisherman and a word from Christ, in order to create an inverted imitation of it. They are men which command an immense financial power, practically unlimited pecuniary resources, great ability for political maneuvering; possessed (for one reason or another) of a relentless hatred of Catholicism. It is not properly Freemasonry, although it is possible that they make use of it. It is not the Jewish race as such, although it may be the Judas mentality. It is not one of the religions or philosophical schools visibly established in the World. It is a secret conventicle or mafia which unifies and guides the disordered anti-religious movements which happen to emerge ... This mafia, according to the french nobleman, supported with money and men the “imperial” establishment of Bolshevism. Its action is secret: not so much as to make it impossible to be discerned sometimes. It wants to remain secret.

It does not seem to be impossible. When there are movements directed to the same end, their unification or alliance is easy; it suffices that a leader emerges, like Solano Lima, who wants to “coordinate” conservatives and Peronistas, Holy Smokes! but nobody follows him.

Joking aside, I strongly believe that of D'Herbigny when I have nightmares... The Catholic Church is one (though with a unity now weakened), because Christ has a Vicar on Earth: why could not the devil also have his vicar to unify his troops? “All this is mine and whom I wish I give it”, seems to be what the devil told Christ on this First Sunday of Lent; and Christ answered. “Liar!”

The devil is God's most beautiful creature, and we Catholics believe with Dante that all evil derives from him.
If he was once as handsome as he now is ugly and,
despite that, raised his brows against his Maker, one can
understand how every sorrow has its source in him! 
That is to say, just as there is an intention in the so tangled events of this world, which we shall call Providence; it can well be, and there must be, a counter-intention, but the instruments of these two contrary intentions are not but one, their cause also has to be one.

Those who do not believe in the devil, the spiritists, the Coca-Cola salesmen and the Readers' Digest distributors, say that all things that happen, even those that seem to be of the devil, just happen by chance. I would ask them how is it possible that, just yesterday, I had to lose the key to my apartment, the day when the doorman was on leave, when my nephew, who keeps a duplicate, was on a trip to Rosario, when I call a locksmith and the phone just does not work (a miracle in Buenos Aires!) and that I am falling asleep in the “Buen Reposo” hotel, I am given a bed with bedbugs. And some other worse things that have been happening to me in the past. Luckily, they all have passed; and as an optimist of the Foreign Affairs Ministry used to say, the best that this life has is to have passed.

Joking aside, things happen in this world which... Well, it is time to finish. Demonic, that is perverse, men have always existed in the world; that they can unite themselves, even if by their tails (like Samson's foxes) is in no way impossible; that they have plenty of money, or “the ability to amass property” (as Disraeli exquisitely put it) is just and adequate; that they devote their money (a part of it), their ability and their passion (in its entirety) to try to build in today's world the Babel Tower of a borderless, classless, religionless society without privations, is the eternal dream of the fallen and revolted humanity; and it now carries the name of Revolution. And you may see the ideas of Carr, Marschalko and D'Herbigny supported in bundles by the facts.

And now the Roman Church is an enormous obstacle in their way. Lenin said so.

This I thought last night, being unable to sleep, but as soon as the Sun rose, I became aware that nobody would believe it, but nevertheless, being my need or obsession to write articles, no one in the World could forbid me to make out of my dream or insomnia a humorous essay. And it is up to you not to believe it, and if you don't believe it, as the Galician orderly said to the Foreign Affairs optimist on ... Well; enough of jokes

My friend, you are entering into the plain crime of genocide

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