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lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

Some Observations on the Major Heretics
who Created Protestantism

By Horacio Bonfiglioli

Taken from:
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope
[Translator´s note: book page numbers quoted refer to those in the Spanish editions cited]

The hatred of Cromwell, grandson of a Jewess.

Oliver Cromwell constituted an instance of ”the way how the Sixteenth Century's religious revolution had suddenly elevated men of the lower social classes, turning them even into millionaires”.

The Republic having been proclaimed (1646), Oliver Cromwell, who hated the mass as well as Catholic priesthood, put a price on the head of Catholic priests, the same amount would be received for killing a priest as for killing a wolf” (Candidus SI SI NO NO, Summer 2011)

“His major shortcomings were his hatred and cruelty ... and his boundless love of money...” because he “accepted fundamentally Calvinism itself, he reverenced and observed the then recent English version of the Hebraic Scripture as an infallible and exact guide ”. He would constantly and by name turn to the Lord (of the Old Testament) ... and in his trances of  angst and depression he believed to  be receiving direct communication and personal advice from Him”... a characteristically Protestant way of 'relating' to the Lord... He would tolerate Judaism and all sects to the extent they were anti-Catholic... and his purpose was to execrate the Catholic Church to its total extinction.”

 (Belloc,Cromwell, ed Juventud, p 66, 85, 88, 115). It is to be noted that his “Latinist secretary” was poet John Milton, eminently anti-Catholic and adept to polygamy, confirming the sects' proclivity to fall into the community of property and women.

The alliance of the English with the Jews was consolidated under Cromwell, sealing English history to our day. Where does this adulterous intercourse between the English and the Jews come from? Let us look at what happened to them in England in the Seventeenth Century. One of Cromwell's authentic purposes was to receive financial support from the extremely rich Jewish bankers of Amsterdam. To this effect, Rabbi Mannaseh ben Israel traveled to London in 1665, and a deal was arranged; with a respectful diplomatic but implicitly menacing treatment (with the same veiled arrogance with which Chaim Weizman treated the British Prime Minister in the first decades of the Twentieth Century, and also the Yankee presidents... obscurely alluding to the consequences of resisting Jehova and the prizes...)  Even though London and Amsterdam were united in their Hebraism, despite their being trade competitors, it is easy to understand how Menasseh, owner of the gold, was the one who imposed his conditions, and Cromwell, the one who required the gold, submissively accepted them. (James Parkes, ´History of the Jewish People'). We can be sure that, after these negotiations, English piracy, with strong Jewish financial bases, political enmity and religious aversion to Catholicism, extended its aggressions all around the world.

This Menasseh ben Israel, born in Lisbon in 1605, was the most reputed rabbi of his time, representative of orthodoxy, teacher of Spinoza's who later apostatized from his mentor's tendency, a friend of Judaizer H. Grotius and of the also Judaizer Queen Christine of Sweden... “Carried by the mystical idea that the redemption of his people would take place once it had been dispersed through all corners of the world, dared to conclude that the indigenous inhabitants of America (the Redskins) at the time of the discovery were descendants of Israel's ten lost tribes” (L.Dujovne, 'Spinoza'), anticipating another one of the 'unprecedented'  'famous revelations' of Mormon Joe Smith. And he even had the intention of traveling to America to greet the Messiah, as he intended, with his hatred of Catholicism, to have the Israelites hidden in the mountains leave their seclusion and attack the Spaniards, and expel them from the New World” (V. Risco); Cecil Roth confirms this ('The Secret Jews'...173) saying that he was about to be settled in Recife and that his intervention to have Marranos settled in Brasil was very important, and very successful, given the considerable number of Jews who settled there. In this way, he intended to complete the circle of Marrano communities around the world for the Talmudic Messiah to appear. And they are still awaiting him!

Then, “What was demanded from Cromwell ― wrote Douglas Reed in “The Controversy of Sion”, ― ― was in fact, an act of public submission to the Judaic law; not the readmission of the Jews, as they had never left England! They had been expelled in paper, but had remained in their places, and a formal legalization of that situation was required...” And this is how the beginning of the first of the three great subversive revolutions of the modern world, preceding the French and the Russian ones, took concrete form.

“Cromwell was one of the first who called themselves Christians of the Old Testament... a puppet figure in the Zionist history. He forbade the celebration of Christmas day, burned the churches and murdered the priests, and for a moment was a candidate to become the Jewish Messiah! ...although King David could not be found among his ascendancy (he would have enjoyed that role) he had too attractive a qualification in his enthusiasm for the 'absolute destruction' ... his followers, of sword and Bible, would affirm, regarding his sanguinary actions, that he was fulfilling the prophecy: by restoring the Jews in England, he was taking the prescribed steps for the preparation of the Millenium... Cromwell would enjoy proclaiming “religious liberty' and the fulfillment of the prophecy while hunting down priests and the clergy to death.” (Douglas Reed).

“He considered ― wrote Belloc in 'Oliver Cromwell' (ed. Juventud page 32) ― Catholic Ireland as something the destruction of which was imperative, and with which it was not necessary to proceed with loyalty (expropriation of their lands to pay their soldiers was a roguery); English Catholics as beings unworthy of any consideration, who should be eliminated by ruining them financially”; he even installed a number of Jews in Ireland to neutralize the Catholic supremacy (Walsh 'Phillip II') extending his hatred to Spain and Italy.” Belloc goes on: Cromwell “was entirely imbued with the Calvinist spirit... Calvin's dogmas ― a stern, implacable and revengeful God, condemnation of the majority of people, a few predestined to glory (Cromwell among them), futility of the good works, perversity in pleasure,  priesthood of the laymen ― were all a pattern of his being, as was the overwhelming sensation of the superiority of his stock over the non-sanctified, 'those who ignore the law', and the certainty of his mission as the tough arm of an angry Jehovah against the weak and the loser (but not against the strong). This illusion of 'elected race' which still lives on here and there in our times, springs forth from the Hebraic Scripture in its English form... The persecutions, revenge, and crimes therein narrated had nothing symbolic for him and he would accept them reverently as true and trustworthy norms of conduct”. Note that this madness of violence persists, concealed and latent, in present day North American Calvinist, Presbyterian, Mormon,  etc., sects, to support imperialism.

Roth wrote ('The Secret Jews... ' p 175). “In the notable period of England's expansion, which coincided with Elizabeth's reign, the foreign (Jewish) tradesmen colony settled in London naturally grew”. Jewish wealth grew enormously, exactly as it had grown in Holland. During the existence of the Protectorate ... two Philo-Semitic tendencies existed: one was the religious affinity between Calvinists and Jews ... as puritanism had represented a return to the Bible, and above all, a return to the Old Testament. Many of their faithful had taken this to the last extreme... The other tendency assumed by Cromwell was a practical one, as he quickly saw the material advantages which the Jews could offer England as they had offered Holland... helping to establish the main business center of Europe... avoiding the predominance which Holland had exercised until then”. This alliance is explained considering “his boundless love of money. (Belloc, 'Oliver Cromwell') But it should be recognized that this defect frequently accompanies his kind of religion (Calvinist) which, to tell the truth, almost does not consider avarice reprehensible, as also was not considered reprehensible by those heroes of Hebraic history and legend which informed his life.

As “there were very rich crypto-jews (those that concealed their Judaism) related to nobility, their services were used by the dictator for its trade policy. Carvajal, a crypto-jew who traveled to England as the ambassador of Portugal, put at Cromwell'ss disposal a veritable army of spies and agents in all of Europe” (Vicente Risco). It is evident, then, that Judaism, just as it happened in the Second World War, was plainly belligerent, financier, spy, saboteur. fifth column, inciter...

I conclude clarifying that I proposed to set forth the essential of the investigations of great historians, disseminating them for those who cannot have access to them. I would have rather amplified what I wrote, with a semblance of other weighty characters arisen from protestant obscurity. But, regrettably, I do not count with available documentation to do it, though, in reality, nothing new of what has already been said would tell us about the spirit of Protestantism.

The misnamed Reformation, as it only deformed, was nothing other than a distortion of Christianity. Its mere essence, free examination, meaning that anyone can opine on theological or scriptural topics without having the indispensable body of knowledge, unchained all the evil passions wherever Protestantism took root.

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