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domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

The Religion of the Anti-Christ

by Father Leonardo Castellani

From "Las Canciones de Militis" (written at the time of the Second World War)

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

The gradual disappearance of the sense of the sacred is one of the worst symptoms of the decadence of the modern world, in which, parallel with this decadence, grows the opposite sentiment of cruelty, which Belloc posits as one of the notes of that “ultimate heresy” which prepares itself to undertake the general assault against the Church, a heresy which has no name yet, because it has outgrown that of ”modernism”, heresy which is the most fearsome falsification of religion which has ever existed, and which, without doubt, will be the religion of the Anti-Christ. Just as the world did not react effectively against the killings in Russia, the killings in Mexico and the killings in Spain, it cannot be expected that the so-called ”public opinion”, perfectly controlled under the anesthesia mechanisms of the prostituted mainstream press, react effectively against the destruction of the center of Catholic unity, in spite of the isolated protests of some bishops, and of the damnation by the Pope, Because a damnation is contained in his allocution of March 12: the bombardment of Rome is “abominable to the eyes of God.”

Rome is the center of Catholic unity and it is like the cipher of the four notes of the visible Church. The other nuclei of the Church's unity, the bishops of all the world, are therefore, the ones who should protect the Bishop of Rome with their protest, which had it been unanimous and universal it would have certainly been effective, since no matter how democratic today´s democratic governments may be, they still keep a certain vague respect of public opinion, even though not as much as that they have for money. If this protest does not happen and the confusion of the moment or the tyranny of the modern State surrendered to the economic forces, imposes silence on the successors of the Apostles, it means that Catholicity has suffered an immediate eclipse, and that the evils of today's world are so deep that the remedy has left for heaven, to come down from there in the form of fire and iron.

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