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domingo, 27 de enero de 2019

The Red Lives from the Faith

The Red Lives from the Faith

by Carlos Esteban RD

Taken  from
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

The left is a Christian heresy but doesn't know it, this is why it attacks the Father with Freudian fury.

Allow me an unforgivably frivolous unburdening: sometimes I wished that no more than a small handful of Christians were left in the West, something like it was two thousand years ago, and that for the world it were a memory not more alive or more recent than the gods of the Olympus or of Asgard. After a Christianized society — as that which built our civilization —  what is best is a society that completely refuses to recognize Christ, and the absolute worst, a post-Christian one, like the one we have to suffer.

Let me explain myself. The Church, in all it has of mystic, represents the defense of sanity, and the historical man has an evident tendency to permit the nonsensical, the irrational, to enter his social discourse, falling now in this madness and then on the opposite one from one age to the next. And on each occasion, the Church has reminded the World of the truth that had become out of fashion or that the world did not wish to hear.

And, by the Church defending it, it is magically turned into a "religious matter" and, consequently, subject to disdain, with no need for arguments: If relativism were to lead to question arithmetic, that two plus two is four would be turned into a "religious matter", I can imagine the banners "Get your religion off of our accounting!"

What's funnier — and more irritating — about all this question is that, those who resort to this despicable anti-argument are those on the left, a Christian heresy if there ever was one, an ideology so entirely incomprehensible without the Christian humus which in no other civilization has taken root but as part of a westernization process.

It turns out to be equally curious that, just as the left rejects questions of absolute common sense, or logic, or even of daily experience, as matters for priests, without allowing themselves to give them any serious reflection; they accept as incontrovertible premises and perfectly rational consequences of Christianity, those which no philosopher, no wise man. no thinker before Christ ever thought of sustaining. They are like an arsonist setting fire to the enemy's house without noticing that it is also his house.

That all men are equal, that there is a kind of dignity in suffering, that man and woman are entitled to the same natural rights, that individual liberty is a universal value, all these premises are as mystical, because of it not being possible to demonstrate them, as is the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Neither Plato nor Aristotle saw anything wrong with slavery, and Socrates was not exactly alone in thanking the gods for having been born a male.

In contrast, the fact that the individual is genetically identical to himself and that he does nothing other than grow with no continuity solutions from the union of the gametes is science. As it is that exclusive homosexuality is a statistical anomaly and an undesirable evolutionarily characteristic.

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