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domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015



by Pato Acevedo
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Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

I dislike feminism because it is nothing more than inverted machismo. Feminism identifies two enemies: the male and femininity. The male, it intends to destroy, demolish, and occupy its place. It sees the male ruling as a despot from the top of a hill and says “I should be there, I want to be the tyrant”. It also rejects femininity because it sees it as a weakness.

At the end of the day, feminists render homage to the male, as they try to become one of them. Feminism validates male chauvinism as the best form of being and of living.

As Chesterton said. “The reformist is always right about what is wrong. He generally is wrong about what is right” and feminism is a case in point. Feminism is right in denouncing ill-treatment given to women, unfairness in dealing with her, and unjustified discrimination. The problem is that, usually, the feminist solution ends up turning women into caricatures of man.

It is true that the male is often praised for being promiscuous while the same kind of conduct is censured in women. Feminism denounces this situation but leaves man in his promiscuity, and instead proposes women to act more like men, and to boast of theirs as well.

As all legitimate offspring of Marxism, feminism is also not quite adept at using reason. Its twisted self-deception reaches epic proportions when it denounces the presence of half-naked women in TV but at the same time celebrates presenting half-naked males on the stage as the peak of feminine liberation.

It is comical too, to hear how feminists complain about the lack of solidarity among women, when what they really regret is the lack of adherence of the rest of women to their doctrines. In this, their Marxist affiliation is noted too, as Communism, despite its claims of defending the great masses, has never succeeded in having those same masses back it. Feminists cannot understand why women do not follow them, but this is because the majority of women do not want to be male. Neither do they want to be more masculine.

The only response to the injustice suffered by women is Christianity (yes, I know, “surprising”, eh?). Femininity and Christianity are closely tied: both are forces that tend to civilize. Paganism and machismo are the slimes in which barbarity wallows and grows.

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