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domingo, 17 de diciembre de 2017

Brussels and the last days of the West

Monday March 28, 2016

by Carlos Esteban rd

Taken from:
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

Our civilization will die of stupidity. The massacre in Brussels is a good moment to remind ourselves that the enemy of the West lies not in the sands of the Middle East, but among ourselves.

A new carnage has struck Europe; this time in the very capital of that globalist and 'goodist' conspiracy known as the European Union, Brussels. One more of the successive bloodbaths which have absolutely nothing to do with Islam, and to which the first reaction among our self-righteous masses is not the logical one of indignation and defense, but the fear of an outbreak of 'Islamophobia.' May no one in any situation use this to frustrate the lovely fantasy of the #WelcomeRefugees. Even though the Eurostat will make it clear that less than a third of those who arrive do so running away from the IS; despite the Islamic State boasting that it has taken advantage of the border chaos to infiltrate operators and the Interpol itself estimates them to have reached the number of some 5,000 men.

But fear not, it is not the novel 'Islamophobia' — which can already be defined as the rejection to submit to Islam — the illness of which our civilization will die. Our civilization will die of stupidity.

A people whose first reaction upon being attacked is to excuse the group from which its attackers come, is calling, at the top of its lungs, for its extinction, and after reading in the social networks and in other publications, tens of ramblings along the lines of 'not all Muslims ...' and/or “... because the Crusades...” ,  I have not the least doubt that we are in the terminal phase.

We already experienced this after the atrocious killing at the Bataclan in Paris. Françoise Hollande's immediate determination to launch an attack against the IS positions in Iraq was very much applauded, at least by the right. And that is the proof of our supreme cowardice and supreme stupidity. Because it is not in the sands of Mesopotamia where the peril for our civilization lies, but in our perpetual compromise, in our cultural masochism. And no measure is taken in connection with that. On the opposite, faced with the avalanche of supposed refugees from the Middle East, the most powerful European leader, Angela Merkel, reacted with a universal and open invitation, to which masses of progressivists adhered at the cry of 'Welcome Refugees!', creating — among other things — a security crisis which one would have to be blind not to see.

Furthermore, the military intervention of the United States and its allies in the Islamic world, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya and Syria, have produced, if not the cause, at least the perfect occasion for the drama now developing in our borders.

The American neocon establishment and its Spanish allies maintain that the primary objective is to finish Assad, ahead of the victory over the IS. Producing, we imagine, a result equally promising as that of Sadam´s overthrow in Irak. Because the West cannot stand the vision of a tyrant, this is the directive, to democratize the Globe.

Well, part of the Globe. Through no one's imagination passes the idea of snubbing China for the minute detail of it being a tyranny that has crushed all kinds of dissidence.

Or, closer to the case under discussion, Saudi Arabia, an archaic and cruel theocracy, in comparison to which the reviled Iranian regime is a libertarian paradise. But the Saudis are untouchable, no matter that the Islamic faction behind the modern Jihad, behind all of the massive attacks that have occurred since September 11, has its cradle there, and it is the only official one permitted in the kingdom; no matter that it is financing mosques and madrassas all over the West, which transmit the same radical message against the infidel. Arabia is the wellspring of all that, along with other tyrannies of the Gulf, such as Qatar and the Arab Emirates, shirts of which are worn by the players of both of our principal soccer teams. Business, I suppose, is business, and just like emperor Vespasian reminded his son Titus, that money does not smell, apparently, it also does not retain blood stains.

Of course, I sympathize with all of the victims and their families, but I hope not to be judged too callous if I say that these brutal attacks, as Europe had not suffered in decades, are just the most dramatic aspect of our gradual extinction. In the long run, these attacks are also unnecessary, even counterproductive for our defeat. Even more, not even is Islam — Jihadist or not, if you' are prone to split threads and make a distinction which even they do not make — the problem of the West.

Islam is still very fragile. The west is still very powerful. A modest dose of common sense, of the conservation instinct which is normal to expect of any people on earth,  would suffice for the danger to be immediately exorcised. No, the real enemy, the implacable, dangerous, powerful enemy is not the one which climbs the walls, but the traitor who opens the gates to the enemy. It is our elites, our rulers, our communications groups, our cultural mandarins, our educational system, our financiers. The globalist establishment, in short, who has decided that the best way to rule us is, in the old style, dividing us, stripping away our national identities as much as our old European identity, so that, turned into atoms, without personal loyalties, we will have to depend upon our masters to resolve our quarrels.

Towards the end of the preceding century, progressivist sociology professor at Harvard, Robert Putnam, proposed himself to make a profound study to prove the benefits of cultural diversity and chose the multicultural city of Los Angeles as his test field. But the results were so opposite to what was expected that his work Bowling Alone, received very little publicity.

Putnam proved that cultural and ethnic diversity drastically reduces social cohesion, participation in community activities and mutual trust, and promotes solitude and disinterest in the public affairs. Such a community has only the political power as arbiter among the various tribes in dispute; the wet dream of the powerful. And this is the plan which, with no need to resort to any conspiracy. Is being imposed on the West, and very specially in Europe under the auspices of Brussels.

The West lives in a bubble of unprecedented prosperity, peace, and liberty which makes it believe that its values are universal values; that we are not one more tribe, but the entire humankind, and that our arrival in the world scene has made disappear the secular incentives and mechanisms which have moved all peoples throughout history.

The world is much greater, demographically ever more in relation to the waning West, and knows what this means. It knows that ignoring the enemy does not make it disappear, on the contrary. It knows that weakness is not a signal to protect the other but to attack him.

In a twisted and sinister way, the West is ill with a deformed and masochist priggishness which always asks who is right and always responds it is any other, that we are the worst and most evil of cultures. But history does not move like that. In real history, not in the politically correct one,  if a people, without too much effort, can get the territory, the wealth and the women of another for itself, it will do it.

Sooner or later, the West will have to wake up to this fact, or resign itself to perish, and not precisely to dissolve itself in a Utopian progressivism. Because the day is not far when the question will no longer be what is your opinion, but which is your people.

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