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domingo, 18 de enero de 2015

Terrorism of the Anti Christ

On the Attack in Paris

By Alberto Elías
Taken from:
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

At this moment in history, certain terrorist acts always have hidden intentions, very well thought out by their intellectual authors. Those are savage acts, the executors of which are often mere instruments of others. The latter are well hidden, physically far from the site of the tragedy, but taking good note of the popular reactions. It is because these massacres form part of  the device which serves them to manipulate consciences, guide public opinion and drive societies in the direction the world´s jailkeepers have thought out.

What do those who have conceived, programmed and directed from afar the Paris attack against the Charlie Hebdo weekly pursue?

Very simple. What they intend to do is to keep deforming consciences so that any protest against blasphemies or against anything sacrilegious becomes associated with terrorist acts in the minds of the masses.

The collective conscience, by dint of shocks, ends up not being able to distinguish the saints from the assassins.

The man in the street, horrorized by the criminal brutality of the Paris massacre, finds himself, without noticing it, driven to accept, more and more every day, a “liberty of expression” which includes the power to mock all sacred things. To offend grossly the religious beliefs of others is turned into a right; this one, of course, really sacred. To smear sacrilegiously the divine persons, the Mother of God, or the saints becomes an exercise protected by law. And those who dare raise their voices against these mockeries even if done with the utmost respect, will find themselves assimilated with the most dangerous terrorism.

What is intended is to discredit, sprinkle with blood and in the end proscribe, is the attitude defending the sacred, while profanations become generalized. The mere deference to God — not even adoration — will end up being persecuted in our societies.

The carnage in Paris has all the appearance of having been programmed to erode the image of the most committed Catholicism before public opinion.  Peaceful resistance, such as that of Argentinian youth against profanation of the temples, or the street prayer and protest vigils of French Catholics on their knees, with lit candles, are intended to be tagged as suspect, and not well seen by a manipulated public opinion.

Indeed, the way of the Impious Man, the Son of Perdition, the Adversary who rises himself above anything that carries the name of God or is the object of cult (Cfr. 2 Tes 2, 3-4) is being prepared. And the acolytes of this tyrant disguised as a humanitarian pacifist are in a hurry to criminalize believers before the eyes of the masses, because the only “belief” that very soon will be proposed to the peoples is the unhealthy and seductive falsification of man and of love.

Fortunately this eagerness and these sanguinary attacks are indications of the anger that governs the sectarian leadership which has been unable to make its desired public presentation of that deceiving character. Christian resistance is much stronger than what they had expected. Especially in France, Catholic people have been exhibiting wisdom as much as courage at the time of publicly defending their religious convictions.

The most radical muslim groups are, on the contrary, an instrument which is easy to manipulate.  Easy to be induced to violence, so that seeing their barbarous acts, the conscience of the people be shaken and become  better disposed to accept “the intrinsic malice of all religious attitude.”

That is why the satirical media, disseminated around the world, financed by the same as always and even with Catholic appearance, as is the case of several Spanish ones — in reality buffoons at the service of evil — at their time interjected mockery against Mohammed. But their provocations are growingly directed against the persons and symbols that we Christians love. The Virgin Mary is the object of their constant agression,  They take care of offending Islam gravely but they rail with fury against that which we Christians most respect and venerate.

They know well that the religion of love will not fall into provocation, but at the moment they are happy with seeding the streets against anything religious,

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