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domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

Consummation of the desolation

Consummation of the desolation

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Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

Derived from the alarm Pope Francis is stirring up among the un-anesthetized media, we have undertaken to attempt placing his pontificate in the apocalyptic-eschatological scene in which we find ourselves, going back to his predecessors to the effect of a better picture.

Some believe erroneously that John XXIII was the “star fallen from heaven unto the earth which opens the pit to the Abyss” of Ap 9, 1. Nevertheless, it bursts in the “fifth trumpet” which in our study we have identified as the heresies corresponding to the philosophers of the 16th century, in concordance with the teaching of Gregory XVI in his encyclical Mirari Vos in connection with the “locusts that rise from the smoke of the abyss” (indifferentism and other errors). This Pope (John XXIII) who prophesied the “springtime of the Church” we make him coincide temporarily with the apparition of the “beast of the earth” which is modernism in the Church: “...and I saw another beast rising from the earth. It had two horns, like those of a ram, but he spoke like a dragon..” (Ap 13,11).

Paul VI is expressly named in Daniel's prophesies as the “Chief of the army” (the Army of Heaven is the Church militant) by whom the anti-Christian force obtains the “suppression of the perpetual Sacrifice” (Dn 8, 11-12): and it “cast down part of the host and of the stars (the clergy) and trod them under. And it was magnified even to the prince of the strength: and it took away from him the continual sacrifice, and cast down the place of his sanctuary...”

John Paul I is a Pontiff that at one time we thought he could have been the “son of man” of Ap. 12, 5, which once having “been given birth” (identification with the election of a Pope has been proposed by author Bernard Kramer in “The book of destiny”) by the Woman (the Church), is “snatched for God and his throne” (his death at 33 days of his pontificate). Even though on a doctrinal plane he was imbued with the conciliar errors ― concretely, there was talk of certain “progressivism” in him on moral matters ― he expressed his own doubts on the concept of “religious liberty”, and what should be remarked to the effect of this picture, he was willing to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as told by Venetian priest Germano Pattaro. And as such, he was destined to “rule the nations with an iron scepter” in “time of peace”. But it turns out that the dates do not coincide since his pontificate was in 1978 and the “1260 days” given to the Woman afterward start counting from the suppression of the sacrifice”. That is why we have discarded this application and have adjudicated it to the faithful remainder, incarnate in the FSSPX.

John Paul II, because of his manifest heterodoxy (read Romano Amerio for a better understanding of his thought), concretely his heresy of the divinization of every man by the Incarnation of the Word is, properly, and leaving this matter to the judgment of God, the anti-Christ seated in God's Temple (Thessalonicans II, 4). Not that he was “the” anti-Christ but an anti-Christ; that is, a representative of a collective which expresses through him: “Children, it is the ending time already; and as you have heard that the anti-Christ is coming, so have now arisen many anti-Christs; by this, we know it is the ending time” (1 John 2, 18)

Benedict XVI is not prophesied in the Scriptures. He forms part of the “false prophet” to the extent of his approbation of the conciliar errors but maybe, from his measures favoring Tradition (liberating the traditional mass and lifting the “ex-communications” of the bishops of the FSSPX, both of which “on paper”) could have represented that “small help” which the saints receive of Dn 11, 34.

And finally, we arrive at Pope Francis (see here). His pontificate would be, in the Vulgate version, the “consummation of the desolation” (Dn 9, 27), That is, and just as we have been maintaining, in the final part of the “desolating abomination” installed in the “holy place” in 1969. It is not necessary to prepare oneself for “worst times” (on the spiritual plane) as some who ― evidently ― are not distressed enough have forecasted, but to receive Christ in the “splendor of his coming°
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Note: the authentic interpretation of Scripture belongs to the Magisterium of the Church, to which we submit ourselves

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