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by Tejji

sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015

The Most Pure

votive offering

Taken from

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

The sky opens, revealing a portent,
one of virtue and beauty unseen:
The head of the Dragon a Virgin
tramples on with her unsullied heel.
And twelve stars shine crowning her forehead
and the moon is her beautiful plinth
and she shines elevated and triumphant
and is splendidly sheathed with the Sun.

And the Heavenly Choirs go singing:
she is the Servant, the Humble, the Slave,
the one the Lord chose to be Mother
of His long-awaited, most blessed Son,
the Divine Christ that is soon to be born.

This is why of divine grace she is so full,
the most pure in her being, body and soul.
By casting her fragrance, purity arouses
enthralling our souls to follow her trail.

Shining star of my life, do my steps guide
Oh immaculate and most sublime Mary
Do not, sweet Mother mine, let me ever
lose the arduous way leading to God.

Pick my prayer up, present to your Son
this sinner's sorry supplication
I to your mediation everything entrust,
sine labe concepta, 
pulchra ut luna
electa ut sol


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