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lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

by Father Terzio
Taken from:
November 21, 2014

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

The little child Mary, precious, 
walked to the Temple of God.
That day was her presentation
to the Lord, who had asked her
to offer in consecration
her virgin heart, being and soul.

She goes with her heart untouched,
and her purity irradiating,
her pace glistening so brightly
that, as up the steps she climbed,
the Temple´s stairs scintillated
as if sparks from stars were gushing.

With her maiden arms uplifted
before the altar of God
her quite simple sacrifice
was to offer her soul, untainted,
sealed, spotless and undefiled
wholesome, neat, immaculate,
of His divine grace replete.

From the day she was conceived
she was the privileged altar
on which God His pleasure took
and in the small girl´s humility
her sublime grace irradiated
of a new covenant's light.

Blessed oh Little Girl Child Mary
you who could so much God please
so much more than any other
of the rest of His creation
to those of us you hear weeping
in the midst of guilt and penance
give us, Beauty among the beauties
the pleasant scent of a rose
and the shimmer of a star
and the whiteness of a lily,
give us something of yourself,
so that it may make us climb
up the celestial stairway
with the firmest steps of love
and present ourselves to God
to share in His Holy Glory.

This we plead to you, oh Mary
and supplicate, child so holy
grant this to us, blessed child,
Virgin of the Presentation
sweetness for my ailing soul.

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