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sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Windows to Evil
Jorge Doré

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

«Brothers, as custodians of God´s mysteries, raise and act. You who who have before your eyes the devastation which others are prepetrating».
(Saint Athanasius, “Greek Patrology”; XXVII, 219)

The few Catholics who still struggle to keep the deposit of faith now watch, live and suffer in their own flesh and soul, the attacks of Satan's kingdom on earth. The toxic tides threaten the purity of the sands of our loved spiritual Galilee. And even more, it is an authoritarian fist which closes upon nations and societies with a cruel totalitarianism which already shows its impious repression against anything connected with Christ, in methodical preparation for a final stroke.
The embankments which for centuries had held the foretold iniquity, and with this the evil incarnate, the second man of sorrows – sorrows which he will inflict upon humanity but which he will not bear upon himself – have been dismantled by anti-christian sappers who have taken over the ex-Catholic church. The current owners of the latter are members of secret societies which untiredly toil for the gradual accommodation of Chrstian doctrine to the expectations of the new world order, so many times praised openly by hierarchs such as Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, who saw the only possibility for world peace in the UN.
Whence these lackeys of Lucifer, with throats of lamb but dragon aims, keep taking away Christ´s divinity, layer by layer, just as His tunic was torn off from Him at the foot of the Cross – to present Him as a Western Confucius, a simple moralizer, one more avatar who has occupied a certain niche of transition in history, now obsolete and surpassed. Its miracle powers attributed simply to legend, so that the image of Jesus can be subjected to him who, upon emerging, will demand to be idolized and will force the adoration of his effigy, overflow­ing with iniquity: the Man of Sin.
It is necessary to distort Christ in order to open the path to the glorification of His rival, who will be the personification and sum of all evils and sins which a human being can commit, the epitome of all iniquities fused into a single vile nature, fed with the false trinity of world, demon and flesh.
The triumph of decadence
It is evident that the World has deteriorated rapidly since the first great hierarch and active participant in the final plot against the Catholic Church came to the fore: the anti-pope John XXIII. Coordinated attacks, more acerbic every day, by Christ's enemies outside and within religion, achieved not only the annihilation of the Christian defenses by means of retractions and of the Chuch's universal mea culpa, but also by the liquidation of its material goods, aside from the usurpation of all powers. And that way they left the legacy of a deceived fold which still follows them without becoming aware of their pilgrimage towards the spiritual slaughter­house. Because they no longer serve God.
Sequels of these catastrophic events are the moral anguish, the hunger and thirst for justice and the impotence of lucid Catholics' to act against this evil´s advance which overwhelms us. From more than one personal and daily Cross seems to spring this lamentation: Father, why hast Though abandoned us? Principle, this, of the sorrows of those who are to bear witness of Christ in the face of the hate and contempt of a humanity which has become allergic to light. But we honor the warning in the words of our Divine Teacher:
If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before you. If you were of this world, the world would love its own, but because you are not of the world, I chose you from the world beforehand; that is why the world hates you. Remember the word I have told you. The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, so they will also persecute you, if they have kept my word, they will also keep yours." (John 15:18, 20)
Punishments and deceptions
Man will be harshly afflicted in the fulfillment of biblical prophesies. Maybe this warning escapes the futuristic sphere and we may already be suffering the Divine chastisement; well deserved by a vain, materialistic and arrogant humanity which, closing its wickets to eternity, has elected to walk in the dark, guided by voices which promise to build a paradise on Earth. Damned utopia this one, which still survives despite having put one hundred million to death in that paradise which was conceived by Marx and Lenin.
Aside from the unstoppable moral degradation sickening our society, insufflated by the same enemies which fed on the Church, – read talmudic and cabalistic judaism and its very useful idiots, masonry – we are at the mercy of its instituted cynicism, which propagates and consents humanity's moral anarchy, deceived by a false bull of individual liberty. Liberty which many supposedly christians have used to self destruct, despising their only salvation life ring, Jesus Christ. But still sadder is that this liberty to self destruct should have been declared a human right in the conciliar Church's documents.
Our cunning enemies have braided the rope which our pathetic and stupefied Western Civili­zation is tying around its neck. So much so, that they have not hesitated to give us the gener­ous, and legal, offer of euthanasia, which is nothing other than assisted suicide, to eradicate us more quickly, pretending to make obsolete those words of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, which give a metaphysical meaning to human suffering:
My Father, if Thou willst, let this chalice pass from me, but yet not my will but Thine be done”. (Matthew 26:39)
If we are not too dumb, we should ask ourselves: Is it not paradoxical that we should have such great preoccupation with the environment, global warming, and ozone layer depletion while we ignore legalized mass murder and its sequel of human waste which, instead of allowing us to enjoy a universe of lace, colors and smiles, is now used to heat long, cold and soulless hospital halls, as is done in England now?
How can we not see the human being's hypocritical preoccupation with the debateable intensity of solar rays while it stabs its own defenseless descendants in the mother's womb or, better said, in the tomb of the most cruel outrage, with a blood clot for seal and oblivion for tombstone.
Although perhaps late, many people are beginning to wake up,
tired of the prevailing lies and stealth,
tired of the shameless corruption of soulless, anti-christian politicians,
tired of the insolence and the forced imposition of homosexual immorality on those who seek to preserve virtue and the integrity of the family,
tired of the malevolent deceit about the urgency and need for a world government,
tired of the corruption and psychological manipulation of the masses,
tired of the slanted information and the pertinaceous imbecileization of the public on the part of the media,
tired of the infamous expert panels which statistically and scientifically celebrate self- complacency and immorality,
tired of the destruction of national identities by means of the injection of massive immigration,
tired of hearing that the nation´s arks are empty while enormous amounts of money are invested in subsidizing enemy causes and atrocious campaigns,
tired of the abuse and depredation of children and youth, manifested in shared rest rooms and free condoms given away in schools by the school system itself.
tired of the prohibition to pray in classrooms or refectories or to hang crucifixes in school rooms.
tired of the indoctrination of youth in the infamous gender ideology (diabolic triumph of subjectivism over objectivism)
tired of books plagued with malicious doctrines to instigate Christ´s rejection on youth or their embarrassment of Him.
tired of the State´s intromission on citizen's private lives,
tired of the discrimination against Our Lord and His followers, who are assassinated, harassed and mocked, news of which are silenced everywhere, being they victims and undeniable targets of the secret and universal program of Christian eradication.
Yes, many of us live weary of the cynicism with which decent citizens are accused of being homophobic, racist, anti-semitic, intolerant, unjust, anti-social, and now also abortiphobic, and we are being deprived of legal rights and protection, while these are granted to the children of the last social revolution, those who enjoy sloshing in sin and vice, to all that impudent, mali­cious and corrupt crowd which, as long as their carnal desires are satisfied and they can boast of their progressivism, they spit with joy on Christ's cross without the least qualm of rotting a civilization to its roots. They nevertheless, try to make the rest of us catatonic with the terror of global warming.
It is our duty not to let ourselves be turned into imbeciles by the enemy. There are too many victims and too many lepers infected to the bone marrow. Millions of Christians have been stripped of the cross around their neck and now in its place bear the name of the latest pop singer, of the latest sports personality or of the character of some morally pernicious show.
Christ is our guide and they want to get rid of Him. This is a fight to death. The Earth's ozone hole is nothing compared with the moral vacuum by which Western civilization is crumbling down to a bottomless pit.
Satan's heralds
This and no other is the world which entered through the windows opened by John XXIII when he announced the fateful milestone of the Second Vatican Council. This herald of Satan, sweetened in the media with “The good pope” pet name so as to enhance his public image, will soon be elevated to the altars of the catholic counter-church, as an example of a sanctity in which even he did not believe, nor do those who in one way or another will carry out his imminent and fraudulent canonization. Vain, as a matter of fact, as any other work of Satan, who every so often seems to forget these words of Christ:
without me, you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)
A canonization which can only be interpreted as a mockery of Christ and which will anesthe­size dormant pseudocatholics still more, who will find in this new devotion another hook to swallow, –for being evil's lackeys and credulous– along with the heavy sinker of their diso­bedient obedience, because they don't come to realize that they are serving Satan and liking it. A canonization which is a hidden prize to the first soldier who fought against the mystical body and opened the door to secret societies, so that they could undertake the doctrinal demolition of the Christian citadel with their hammers, chisels and tight fitting aprons.
And along with that of John XXIII, the canonization of another corrupter of the faith as has never been before in the entire history of the Church: John Paul II. These two scandalous enemies of Christ took great pleasure – before an ignorant and flabby christianity which still sighs for them – vexing the bride of Christ and humiliating her before the world, and silencing the Mother of God by never permitting that her third secret be made public, as the devious­ness of Rome came to light again when they proclaimed a falsified message (passing it off as the third secret of Fatima) which, however, omitted the warning of the terrible apostasy of the conciliar church and with that, the connection of our time with the eschatological prophesies. False message accepted only by those with a blind disposition and, obviously, dictated by the father of lies.
And as if that were not more than enough, the cause remains open for the beatification of antichrist Paul VI, who began the concubinage with Satan's synagogue, and in the last ses­sion of Vatican II confided to his intimate friend, Jean Guitton, that: “I am about to sound the seven trumpets of Apocalypse”. Disturbing confession of one who should have rather thought about bringing the peace of Christ on earth.
History epilogue?
We are witnessing the banishment of men of good will, the exile of virtue, the burying of the faith in Christ. We are entering territory where apart from the physical stars, Christ's sun will cease to shed light, and the moon of the Virgin will not shine. Man's wish to liberate himself from God will finally be granted. And in dumping the sails and masts overboard of what should have been his ark of salvation, the ship will be left at the command of he who will steer it in the darkness of its fetid bilge. A just Divine concession to an ungrateful mankind who, for a time, will suffer the chastisement of a raging Nature plus the cruelty of the beast which it will deify in stead of the Anointed.
We have reached a historical moment which makes one suppose that the spiritual and moral decay, has no way to turn around. All seems to indicate that the apocalyptic prophesies are in utter fulfillment. It is impossible that a Pope emerge in Rome who will attempt to turn back the calamity brought about by the conciliar mitered apostates and who, in addition, can get elected in an honest ballot beyond the reach of masonry's power.
Who remains validly ordained to occupy the position? validity lost when the new post-conciliar rite of holy orders was altered by the modernists to empty it of content –with the consent of Paul VI– and imposed on June 18, 1968. Who is Catholic in Rome? Who is there in the stables of Asmodeus –as Our Lady of La Salette called the corrupt temples and churches– who has kept the holy deposit of faith uncontaminated?
It rather seems that we are getting closer to the advent of the false prophet: that man harden­ed in heresy and apostasy and –as though they were spiritual pustules– impregnated with anathemas he disdains, who will work as the right hand man of the Antichrist.
False prophet this who will send out his own personal anathemas on those catholics remaining, inciting their persecution under the excuse of a bogus zeal for a false “truth”
When the plenitude of the number of the beast has been fulfilled to the last digit, when the sum of all abominations that the Antichrist will be capable of doing is completed, the wrath of God will fall upon him to free the faithful again from the captivity of the sin surrounding.
It is possible that the cry “It has fallen, it has fallen, the Great Babylon...” (Apocalypse 14:8) means a spiritual fall followed of a physical one later.
Should this be true, maybe the first fall has been fulfilled with the loss of faith of the counter­church in Rome, and the only thing pending is to see the physical destruction of what no longer deserves to remain standing without the backing of the Holy Spirit.
The times of our new liberation are in the hands of the Father. The will to wake, pray, and bear witness of Christ –with the aid of God's grace– is in ours.

¡Come, oh Lord Jesus!

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