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jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Guess which "saint" could have written this:

Taken from
Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

          I traveled around the planet 
          preaching to the entire World
          the doctrine of man made "god",
          not the teachings of our Lord.

          Not that of our Holy Mother
          Church, bride of the Son of God;
          nor that of the Holy Fathers
          nor the Tradition, of course.

          Did not preach the Holy Gospel,
          the Ten Commandments much less,
          nor even the Seven Sacraments
          'cause in these I believe less.

          Oh, what a spectacle, gentlemen!
          't was swallowed by half the World.
          Not in vain I've been an actor
          and a comedian so thorough
          in the Great Stage of the World,
          of the greatest of the fakers,
          of deceivers' the overlord.

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