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lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

The Crisis in the Church
By Ignacio B. Anzoátegui
 (Argentinian writer and lawyer, 1905-1978)

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

Is it its bearings
the vessel of the Church has lost?
Is it that obstinate,
drunk and rebelled its crew,
from bump to bump just roams?

What came to pass
of missions past, uncharted seas to enlighten?
Who was, Oh Lord, who left her thus,
defeat upon defeat transformed?

What mutinous wind
her keel did split, her sails did burst,
lashed her against the cliff
so far from Thee, my God, and from Thy shore?

What skipper, Lord, who, put to sleep,
by fault and outcome of democracy,
took out her vigor and her sense
and the seaworthiness of Thy Grace?

We still have hope that in Thy pious care
Thou from the tragic save.
The devil preys upon us day by day
hear us, Oh Lord! Grant us for what we pray!

And that our Holy Mother Mary,
our Blessed Lady, our Co-redemptoress,
should it be necessary
lay down for us this one more time
the Holy life preserver of the Rosary!

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